Meet the Team: Jamie

September 22nd, 2016

A good friend listens to your adventures. A best friend makes them with you…

Having just returned from a tour of Europe, Jamie shared the weirdest thing she’s ever eaten – Ox Tail Donut at Duck in Waffle in London (2 weeks ago!).

She said, “It was actually delicious!” Sure Jamie – we’ll take your word for it!

This world traveling teammate is coincidently (or maybe not so), also our transportation guru! Jamie has a mind for organization… handling arrivals, departures, buses, sprinters and coaches with precision. Permitting, timing, parking, she is our leading lady! She has handled logistics for over 1,500 people at once – with some (man power) support from the team of course!

Jamie most values her family and friends. When she is out of the office she is most likely in New Hampshire visiting with her niece and nephew or visiting friends out of state. Check out her nephew here… this little guy came to support his aunt and mom in running the Lundgren 5K Road Race. This road race through historic Londonderry, NH, benefits the local track teams’ scholarship fund.

Running 5ks and executing transportation may sound tough but the hardest thing Jamie ever did was move to Florida, only knowing 1 person!

“… This is also one of the best things I ever did (too).  When I was 26 I moved to Orlando, FL.  I didn’t have a job and I only knew 1 person, but deep down I knew it was what I needed to spread my wings and take on the world.  It took 10-weeks to find a job, but it only took 4-weeks to meet the most amazing friends, who 10 years later and now living in multiple different states we make sure we visit each other at least 3x a year separately with at least one group vacation per year.”

As she continues to take on the world, our team grows stronger with our adventure loving, family oriented, transportation guru – Jamie!


Planning for Fall

September 20th, 2016

Boots. Sweaters. Pumpkin Picking. Good bye summer, hello autumn.

Boston is an amazing city to visit during any season – especially during the fall! If not for the foliage, a trip to Boston in the fall, can be planned around the events and seasonal activities which happen for only short times throughout the season. As event planners we understand the importance of timing – it is really everything. The old saying is especially true when it comes to the following activities in New England so take note of dates so you don’t miss out!

Foliage is a spectacular sight – while the pictures are gorgeous, taking in the vibrant colors that are portrayed in New England in autumn in person is breathtaking. Come visit Boston and explore the Emerald Necklace. This 1,100 chain of nine parks include the Boston Commons (shown above), Public Garden, Jamaica Pond, and more. Best time to come? This will vary each year but typically mid-October is best for Boston. The first few weeks of October are best for New Hampshire and Maine.


On February 16, 1818 a group of  farmers met and created the idea of a fair “to promote and improve the agricultural interests of farmers.”

Over the last 100 years, this idea has grown into the annual tradition known as the “Topsfield Fair.”  Ample food options provide options for everyone. Some of the most popular include: apple pie, cinnamon rolls, and fried Oreos. Attractions are agriculturally inspired and eclectic including the giant pumpkin weigh-off, sheep show (obstacle course), monster truck pit party, oxen pulling, and a handful of country shows.

Looking to catch the fair? This year’s fair will take place from September 30th – October 10th in Topsfield, MA.

Smolak Farms in North Andover has events all year long but their fall activities are the best! They offer apple picking, hayrides, and a corn maze! We’ve heard it said that it’s not officially fall until their fresh cider donuts are on the shelves! There are lots of other local farms in Massachusetts to explore – we recommend Ward’s Berry Farm in Sharon as well. They have an adorable petting zoo, pony ride and berry picking!

This year will mark the 52nd year of the Head of the Charles Regatta. This event is not limited to just the rowers – spectators have events to keep them busy too including concessions and play by play commentary of the racing located at Reunion Village. Looking to plan a group outing? Tents are available to rent with notice.  Regatta will take place this year October 22-23rd.

Our personal fav is the wine tasting at Nashoba Valley Winery. No reservation required… yet if you are going as a group you may not taste together without one. We always recommend planning ahead! Tours of the winery are available as well on a first come, first serve basis. Enjoy!

Visiting Boston anytime is wonderful. Yet, a trip well timed is like ice cream on your apple pie… not required but always a great addition!


Unpretentious Office Space

September 15th, 2016

“Boston these days is Crane City, with new Class A office buildings popping up like Pokemon.” – Scott Kirsner

109 Kingston Street sits on the corner of Essex and Kingston Street. This uncomplicated brick building on the intersection of Chinatown, the Financial District and the Leather District, is in a precarious location – many of the previous buildings in the neighborhood are long gone.  Originally built in the 1800s, it has seen the industry shift from manufacturing to tech, design and start-up companies.

While charming old buildings are being demolished in Boston to make room for shiny new high rises, there are some companies – such as our team at Corinthian Events –  who take pride in the character of their unpretentious office spaces!

Come on in…

Walking into 109 Kingston you are greeted by two sets of massive 12’ high, glass panel, black doors. Black and white paint are used in the entry, lobby and stairs. This basic paint decision highlights the amenities available at our location.

Then, you see the stairs… We are located on the 6th floor so these imposing stairs are a challenging feat that many of us climb first thing in the morning – cardio anyone?

Turn away from the stairs and (phew!) you are greeted by a friendly elevator operator who take us to the 6th floor. Notice the doorbell on the left? That is how we call the operators when we are heading out!

Our charming old-school elevators are imprinted with the company Morss & Whyte with an address of Cornhill Boston. Morss & Whyte no longer exist as a company and neither does Cornhill Street. These details add character to our otherwise unadorned common space.

Welcome to the 6th floor of 109 Kingston Street… our Corinthian Events office utilizes the entire floor.  You leave the grit and wrought iron and enter our creative space. Bright and fun, with a touch of luxe – notice our chandelier in the conference room? So fab!

We adore our historic building with its unassuming charm. As Boston continues to reinvent and renew, we hope it leaves room for these special details!


Falling into Fall

September 13th, 2016

Crisp air, the smell of pumpkin lattes, apple picking, changing leaves, amber décor… what is there not to love about fall in New England?

While it is sad to say goodbye to our short lived summer – we welcome fall with open arms and all the cinnamon filled decadence it comes with. In honor of this wonderful season, we have compiled some of our favorite fall event photos to inspire your autumn events!

Bright white walls and marble floors are a stunning backdrop to deep mahogany tables and dark iridescent table cloths. The warm glow of amber up-lighting highlighted the gorgeous arches and large impressive floral bouquets drew attention to the columns. Bundles of red and orange maple leaves were added to the seasonal centerpieces.

Marigolds took center stage in this autumnal floral arrangement along a row of glass vases. The variety of bouquets along with the differently shaped vases exude an eclectic look, while the simple colors and materials have an upscale ambiance.

While bright blues such as aqua and teal are a summer staple, they pop so beautifully against the warm amber tones of fall – what great accent colors! Check out two very different events, both beautifully utilizing warm amber lighting, gold accents, and pops of blue.

These rustic tables are lined with schoolbooks from the school library, gold mercury glass votives and lanterns for a fall academic touch.  Large branches of foliage were also used as statement pieces as warm amber up-lighting highlighted the draped tent poles.

While bales of hay and pumpkins have their time and place, the subtle elegance of the décor from these fall events are stunning. As we head into fall we look forward to creating more gorgeous events to share!