Meet the Team: Micha

October 20th, 2016

Caring. Dedicated. Upbeat.

Micha spends most of her time at Corinthian Events eloquently communicating with clients. As a Senior Account Manager and Certified Meeting Professional, she has mastered the art of discussing event dreams vs. real world budgets and timelines tactfully – creating solutions to even the biggest of challenges.

So much so actually, that many in the office use her as a sounding board for help with ‘out of the box’ problem solving. Case in Point:

“I was onsite at an event when my client said the VIP needed a Kosher Meal and wanted it within 30-minutes.  I panicked, called Micha and from her couch she ordered a Kosher meal, called a cab company and convinced them to go pick it up and deliver to me at the restaurant – she was a life saver!  Micha the Meeting MacGyver!” – Jamie

Micha values her family (including her pups – Bella and Lucy!) and friends most in life – and also her ancestry.

“My Scottish-Malaysian heritage (is something I relish). I love having such different cultures on both sides of my family.” She loves cooking for her family when they are together, which is never enough; as they are ALL big eaters, she shares.

Outside of the office, Micha enjoys spending her time puttering around the house with her husband Ryan, meandering around Fresh Market, and occasionally on Sundays she rallies for local charities through running 5K’s.

At the office – Jill, partner at Corinthian Events, shares, “(Micha) gets to know people and has an amazing memory for the personal side as well as the business side.”

Elizabeth expands on the idea adding, “Micha is caring, genuine and incredibly personable.  She is fantastic with clients and represents Corinthian Events extremely well.”

We are so lucky to have Micha on our team – not only are “her client relations and sales skills exceptional” said Courtney (partner at Corinthian Events), but “she is tough (when needed) and doesn’t tolerate BS!”

During her lifetime, she’d like to do something that has been deemed impossible… “I (just) haven’t quite figured out what that is yet!” If anyone can solve the unsolvable it’s Micha!

Oh, and don’t call her Micah!


Inspiration Season!

October 18th, 2016

Decor makes a statement. Themes tell a story.

With Halloween around the corner, inspiration is all around for costumes, décor, and for us at Corinthian Events – themes! As we experience another season of spectacular ideas, we reminisce on some of our favorite themed events through the years!

Joker inspired chair covers, royal feather centerpieces and roving performers in regalia took this Mardi Gras themed fundraising gala over the top! Guests immerse themselves in the celebration – and charity – adorned in carnival attire!

Boston is our home base – and with that comes a love of lobster, baseball and of course – history. We hosted a ‘Neighborhoods of Boston’ event at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center and just couldn’t help ourselves from adding a period appropriate band of fife and drums!

I suppose the wicked witch of the west would have been honored to have been smooshed at such a classy location as the Fairmount Copley for a Wizard of Oz inspired gala. We created a gorgeous Ruby Red room for the cocktail reception and allowed guests to flow into the Emerald (green) room as well!

Dorothy may not have wanted to head back to Kansas if this was the Emerald City she found! Just breathtaking!

Keep your eyes open this season to all the inspiration around you and Happy Halloween!


Meet the Team: Erin

October 13th, 2016

If you think adventure is dangerous – try routine – its lethal. (Paulo Coelho)

Always an adventurer, if Erin was invisible for a day she would sneak backstage at concerts. Also, if she was mayor, she would forgive all parking tickets… Erin clearly has her priorities straight!

Travel is important to Erin, one of her favorite trips involved going to Ireland, Czech Republic, Austria, and Hungary. Another memorable trip she went bungee jumping in S. Africa! She recalls the jump as one of the hardest things she has ever done.

Interested in going again?

“(I) would never do it again…. It was absolutely the most terrifying experience of my life.”

So is that a maybe? Just kidding!

As one of our newest account managers, Erin helps out on proposals, sharing her creative ideas and sharp wit to inspire the best concepts for our clients.

Team members describe her as a strong addition to the team – she brings intuition, humor and a can-do attitude. Her thorough attention to detail is a welcome asset and her bubbly personality makes her a joy to work with!


Fenway Beer Tasting

October 11th, 2016

Last night at Fenway Park marked the end of an era for many of us Bostonians.

Watching David Ortiz take the field for the last time, as a player, pulled at our heart strings. We cried with him, remembering his incredible career in Boston and feeling a sense of pride in the journey.

Now that the season is over and everyone has gone home, you may think that Fenway just locks the door until next season. Truth is – the park is buzzing with events all year-round.

We  just hosted an awesome event at the park and we would love to share some highlights with you – beer tasting at Fenway Park!


A sneak peak of this event included Boston-based breweries sampling ‘four beer flights’ with 5oz pours of each variety. Guests sampled a flight from any or all breweries that peaked their interest.


Décor was a hit! Hurricane vases filled with baseballs and topped with Red Sox flags sat upon the high tops. Beer tastings definitely don’t need pretty flowers – we used wheat instead in simple vases – they looked perfect on the deep mahogany counters.


A Boston based chalk artist created our signage by hand. He drew the brewery signs and the beer tasting menu signs which adorned the multiple counters. We especially loved the beer mug on the tasting sign – very cute!

Guests enjoyed the ambiance, the location, the beer and to top it off – they loved tours of this legendary park!