Dining Out

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Ideas and Suggestions by the Corinthian Events Team

Just to ensure that we are always on the edge of what’s new, unique and noteworthy, we are having our own “Restaurant Week” of sorts.  The Corinthian Events team is on a dedicated mission to determine if local newcomers and old favorites are up to snuff for all of our special clients!  Stay tuned for highlights from our culinary adventures.

P.S. Those local to Wayland should put Spice ‘n Pepper (236 Boston Post Road, Wayland, MA – 508.358.5300)  on their list of restaurants to try.  This new Thai spot just received a glowing review from Courtney!


How to Play: Cornhole

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Cornhole, the simple and classic bean bag toss game using two wooden boards, each with a hole, has quickly become the fan favorite among our clients this summer.  And since it’s such a hit, we thought “why not share our love for this great lawn game with you?”  The more who know how to play, the more fun for everyone!

To start, set up the two boards 27-feet apart, front to front, with the hole at the board’s back.  Two teams of two will line up across from their teammates beside opposite boards.   Teams then designate one side to begin the play.  Each player on that side will have four of their colored bean bags and players will alternate tossing one bag at a time toward to the opposite board.   The goal is to get as many bags as possible into the hole or to land directly on the board!  Any bags that land on the board after hitting the ground (ie. bounce onto the board after hitting the grass) should be removed before play is continued.  Once all of the bags have landed on the opposite boards, the second team members have a go.  It is customary for players to switch sides halfway through the game, when one team reaches eleven.

Now that you know how to play, it’s time to learn how to score.

1) The first team to get to 21 points wins!  However, you must win by at least two points.

2) A team earns one point for every bag that lands on the board.  These bags are disqualified if they are touching the ground or if they bounced onto the board after touching the ground.

3) A team earns three points for every bag that goes completely into the hole – even if your opponent knocks you in!  Bags hanging over the hole only count for one point in official rules (however, many often play that these are worth two in casual play).

4) The score is determined by the difference in the team totals each round; equal points earned by two teams will cancel each other out.  For example, after a round of play, if the Red Team has thrown one bag into the hole and three bags landed off the board, they will have a total of three points.   If the Green Team has thrown one bag on the board and three landed off the board, their total score is one point.  After subtracting the final scores, the Red Team ends up with two points for that round.

Let’s get tossing!


A Fresh New Look

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Corinthian Events - Boston Event Planning News

It’s a new decade for us and appropriately time for a fresh look to commemorate ten years in the business!

Check out the website, the blog, twitter and facebook to see our new logo in action!


Total Transformation

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Ideas and Suggestions by the Corinthian Events Team

Look at what we can do in the exact same space over two days!  What could possibly be more Boston than these classic decor schemes?

With a group from out of town, often all it takes is a little New England inspired decor to make a standard hotel space or tent seem quintessentially Boston.  In the case of a recent incentive, we designed an evening of Boston baseball followed by a nautical night to give guests the best of the city at their hotel!

Boston’s Baseball

If Fenway Park isn’t your venue, let us bring the best of the ballpark to you!  We designed and printed this awesome 16′ x 12′ Green Monster background – and the best part about it is it’s ready to go for your next baseball night out!

To anchor the large space, we brought in a classic wooden sports bar, complete with baseball styling to provide guests with a central, functional and stand out decor piece.

Tables promoted the organization’s message, while keeping with the baseball theme.  The cards and baseballs that made up these centerpieces were such a hot commodity that there were barely a dozen left at the end of the night!

Nautical Inspired

With a few hours and skilled design team, we quickly transformed our standard tent into a nautical enclave for guests to enjoy a traditional New England clambake overlooking the harbor.  Large flags hung from tent walls to create blocks of color pleasing the eye and breaking up the white of the tent walls.

An array of dynamic seaside centerpieces were placed atop yellow and blue plaid overlays on small cocktail rounds.

Strings of vibrant nautical flags were strewn across the ceiling of the tent.  The once double-sided “sports” bar, became a single-sided double bar decorated with lobster traps, barrels, ropes and other seashore finds.

Dinner tables sported model sailboats, sea glass and votive candles for additional coastal flare.

Looking for a drastic decor transformation?  We can help!  As the experts in taking your ballroom, tent or any other space and creating a unique feel, we have what you need to create any design for any occasion.


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