A Noir Noel

Friday, February 21st, 2014

Skeleton Gothic Event Planning Massachusetts

This past December our client, Redstar, took superstition and threw it to the wind by fully embracing the fact that their holiday party fell on Friday the 13th – an infamous day of eerie and bizarre happenings. This Noir Noel strayed from the usual holiday decor and instead featured the scary, the weird and the wacky.

Ignoring the horror movie franchise of the same name, we transformed the Redstar offices by putting a dark twist on a classic holiday fete.  A black color scheme transported guests to the era of black and white noir films while pops of burgundy tied in the holidays.  Around the room, life size skeletons hung from the rafters or sat at benches, cocktail tables were topped with skulls or dark florals and a vast amount of candlelight created an ominous atmosphere.

Event Planning Noir Noel Mercury Roses

Event Planning Noir Noel

Skulls Black Noir Noel Gothic Event Planning

Two long tables topped with black, Chantilly lace and a collection of mercury vases, burgundy florals and more candlelight were the focal point of the room.  To add to the ambiance, collections of skulls and holiday ornaments hung from the ceiling over the dining table.

Noir Noel Gothic Event Planning Massachusetts

Ghoulish attendants greeted guests as they arrived, passing appropriately themed hors d’oeuvres and serving beverages out of a claw-foot bathtub.  Guests looking for a bit more punch (pun intended!) could opt for the “No. 13″, the night’s signature cocktail.  A custom wood wall was filled with skeleton key escort cards to help guests find their seat for dinner.

Goth Ghouls The Catered Affair

Noir Noel Event Planning

Event Planning Skeleton Key Escort Cards

Following dinner guests made their way downstairs for some late night fun!  Wacky wall decals, funky lighting and a lime, purple and orange color scheme transformed the studio and cafe into a bizarro world.  A multicolored, feather wall connected the two spaces while strobe lights and black lights created a trippy effect.

Color Wash Wacky Decor

Neon Green Glow Balls

Sure to leave a lasting impression on guests, this Friday the 13th inspired Noir Noel was definitely an escape from the ordinary!


Holiday Themed Interactive Dining at Tavern Road

Friday, February 7th, 2014

Event Planning Event Planners Massachusetts Centerpiece Menu Mural

Candy, Candy Canes, Candy Corns and Syrup

When it comes to holiday movies, ‘Elf’ (2003) is definitely in our Top 10.  So when we recently surveyed a group to create a custom, holiday themed menu, we weren’t surprised when the Christmas comedy won by a landslide. Chef Louie DeBiccari of Tavern Road is known for his acclaimed “Chef Louie Night”, an interactive dining experience where guests vote on a theme and ingredients and Chef Louie and his team create a multi-course meal.  If you’ve seen Elf, you know that “elves stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup.”  Chef Louie had his work cut out for him!

Tavern Road, one of the newest hot spots in Boston’s Innovation District, features a 30-foot mural painted by Project Super Friends in street-art style, along with a lively open kitchen.  Drawing inspiration from the industrial feel that permeates the neighborhood, we used pewter linens on both cocktail and communal tables.  Chic aluminum chairs complemented the tables and enhanced the modern ambiance.

Corinthian Events Holiday Party at Tavern Road

Event Planning Massachusetts Industrial Glam

To warm up the room and tie in with the mural, we used pops of red throughout the space.  Red up-lighting cast a pleasant glow throughout the restaurant, cocktail tables were topped with fiery red calla lilies, while bright florals in classic Coke bottles and PBR cans lined the dinner tables.   Glass containers filled with some of Buddy the Elf’s favorite foods and a holiday themed table number served as centerpieces, and each place setting featured a hand-made ‘skewer’ style menu of the night’s delicacies.

Corinthian Events Holiday Party at Tavern Road

Pabst Blue Ribbon Menu Skewer Coke Bottle

Event Planning

Of course, we can’t forget the amazing food – Chef Louie made some incredible dishes inspired by ‘Elf’ that included Pumpkin Ravioli with Candy Cane Gremolata, Maple Smoked Local Fish and a Turkey Ballontine with Candied Chestnuts.  If those flavors weren’t wild enough, dinner guests got to further indulge in a new take on the candy bar: a flavored popcorn bar.  From Birthday Cake to Dill Pickle to Truffle and Olive Oil, guests loved tasting the unique flavors of the classic snack and could even take home their favorite variety at the end of the evening!


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