A Morning with Martha

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

Martha Stewart Shiza Shahid BCEC

Last month, Jill had the opportunity to attend the final keynote address at Hubspot’s INBOUND Conference held at the Boston Convention and Exhibit Center.  The week was dedicated to providing guests with the inspiration, education, and connections they need to transform their businesses.  Jill, a self-proclaimed geek, is constantly trying to draw lines from experiences back to how she can help run CE better and smarter – or simply garner ideas for inventive events.

Shiza Shahid opened the session pitching Charity Water, a non-profit organization on a mission to bring clean drinking water to every person on the planet.  Her main point was that where passion, purpose, and skill collide – magic can happen.  After having a “drought of purpose” in her life, Shahid traveled to Africa where she learned about the work of Charity Water.  Shahid shared moving stories of her travels and had the audience of over 2,000 attendees fully engaged.  Using her personal and business connections, Shahid took Charity Water’s mission to heart and raised money to drill several wells that would help hundreds of people gain access to water for their lifetime.  Her talk was truly inspiring!  On a personal level, Jill found that Shahid put into words how she feels about Corinthian Events.  Our office is fueled by passion for amazing events and serving our clients.  Hospitality courses through our veins, giving us purpose to serve the guests at our events an amazing experience.  We also have skills that are finely honed through years of collaborative experience with the finest vendors in the industry in Boston.  Passion, purpose, and skill truly collide at Corinthian Events!

Next up to speak was the MacGyver of the homemaking world, Martha Stewart!  The iconic magnate of home entertaining told the story of how the Martha Stewart brand grew organically over time.  Success came from doing something she loved and hiring like-minded people with a similar desire to reach and learn something new every day.  Again, this rang true!  At Corinthian Events, we get to do things we love each and every day for great people.  We are in event planning to produce wonderful experiences for people.  Whether a business event, non-profit gala or fun incentive trip, what we do is both the frosting on the cake and the dowels that hold that cake up.  The details that happen behind the scenes are what make us tick.  Trust us, of course we love to see a finished product, but a polished, tight show that no one really notices (because there was only excellence to see) is what it is all about!


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