ADMEI 2015 Achievement Awards Finalists!

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

Citi Performing Arts Center Wang Theatre

We have great news to share!  This week the Association of Destination Management Executives announced their 2015 Achievement Award Finalists.  We are so thrilled to be nominated twice and would like to congratulate all of the finalists!  Winners will be announced at the ADMEI Conference in Los Cabos, Mexico this coming February.

Our nominated events are: *drum roll please*

MFA President's Gala Museum of Fine Arts ASRM

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s Annual Conference in the “Best Creative Events – Best Overall Program” category

Enrique Iglesias Citi Performing Arts Center Wang Theatre

Hello Boston: The Emirates Airlines’ Inaugural Flight Gala in the “Best Innovative Events” category

Good luck to all of the nominees, we’ll see you in February!


Go Sibos! A Sports Themed Extravaganza

Monday, December 15th, 2014

Earlier this fall we helped Sibos celebrate the end of their annual conference by transforming the BCEC into a sports fan’s dream!  The large hall was broken into four sports sections: Football, Basketball, Baseball and Hockey.  Each section featured entertainment, games, and centerpieces to help bring the theme to life.  For guests, the excitement began as soon as they stepped into the foyer.  While a 40-person Pep Rally Band from Northeastern University played catchy tunes, the Red Sox stilt walker interacted with attendees.  Both pieces of entertainment created great energy in the room, making guests excited for a night full of food and fun!

Ready, set, hike!  In the Football section, attendees were invited to experience life as an NFL kicker with a larger than life field goal complete with AstroTurf field.  Despite their suits and dress shoes, guests were quick to grab a football and test their skills.  Alternatively, guests looking for more of a tailgate experience could try their hand at bean bag toss with beverage in hand.

Across the room, the Basketball section was a slam dunk!  The highlight was a miniature basketball court where guests played lively games of Horse and Knock Out late into the night.  Pop-A-Shot was also popular as guests attempted to best one another’s scores throughout the evening.

In the Hockey section guests were introduced to flat track roller derby.  Boston’s own Derby Dames played a game on the full size rink while Derby Dames’ Ambassadors skated throughout the audience to explain the rules.  The high contact sport drew quite a crowd as the teams attempted to score points and edge out a victory before the final buzzer!

Last, but certainly not least, the final area featured America’s favorite pastime.  From batting practice to Wii Baseball, the Baseball section was full of ways to keep guests entertained.  Speed pitch was a huge hit as guests competed to see who could throw a fastball and clock the highest speed!

Northeastern University Red Sox Stiltwalker Entertainment

Sports Theme BCEC

Pop a Shot Sports Theme BCEC

BCEC Sports Themed Hockey

Throughout the room we used centerpieces to help bring each sport to life.  In the Football section, centerpieces featured miniature footballs and helmets, faux turf and even cheerleader pom poms!  Mini basketballs, toddler sized Converse All Stars (are these not the most adorable things you’ve ever seen?!) and tabletop basketball games helped to carry the theme throughout the Basketball area.  Surrounding the roller derby rink, tables were topped with pucks, hockey skates and Stanley Cup replicas.  Finally, Red Sox memorabilia, baseballs, bats and pennants decorated tables in the Baseball section.

Sports Theme BCEC

Sports Theme BCEC

BCEC Sports Theme

BCEC Sports Theme

BCEC Sports Theme

The cherry on top, especially for locals, was appearances by the hometown team mascots.  Pat the Patriot, Lucky, Blades the Bruin and Wally the Green Monster roamed throughout the entire hall providing the perfect photo op for guests.  From joining basketball games to pumping up the crowd on the rink during half time, these entertainment pros were not afraid to jump right into the action.  As a final piece of entertainment, the Celtics Dancers put on a fantastic “half time” performance and kicked off the dance party.  Guests were ready to let loose after a week full of networking and meetings and stayed out on the dance floor until the lights came on.  Those looking to relax could rest their feet in the Sports Lounge on a variety of sports themed soft seating arrangements. From pool to foosball and a “cool” ice bar, there was no shortage of things to do!

Blades the Bruin Lucky Celtics

BCEC Sports Theme

BCEC Sports Theme

BCEC Ice Bar


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