Celebrating Snowmageddon (Wait, what!?)

Monday, October 26th, 2015

Mr. Cold and the Yeti

The cold air is starting to roll in and the ground is a mosaic of fallen leaves… winter is on it’s way. Last winter broke almost every snow-related record here in Boston, leading many to call it a “Snowmageddon”. So what would you think when we say that we decided to bring winter back a little early with a blowout Snowmageddon Party earlier this fall at the Westin Copley Hotel? You bet – our Nor’easter of a party blew everyone away!

Snow Warning Signs

One of the most impactful elements in an event is one that many planners forget- the clothes your attendees wear! We’re all used to formal, business casual, etc – but nothing transforms a theme like hundreds of attendees all dressed the part! Our (very cooperative) guests all showed up in white, and while they didn’t know why at first, it quickly became apparent they were party of the storm’s whiteout as they passed by videos of ominous weather reports and warning signs.

Once in the ballroom, Mr. Cold and the Yeti welcomed guests to enjoy the evening. A selection of winter-themed drinks were available, including Freezemeister Martini’s, Boozey Snow Cones, and beers served from the bucket of a Bobcat. And while the real Steven Tyler may have been snowed out from the storm, Draw The Line’s Aerosmith covers brought guests to their feet to melt away thoughts of snow.

Aerosmith Cover Band

Take a look at photos from the event here!


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