CE On The Town: The Friendly Toast

Thursday, January 28th, 2016

In early January, The Friendly Toast opened it’s third location in Back Bay and we couldn’t be more excited! No longer do we only have the option of traveling to Cambridge to taste the delicious food the diner has to offer – we can just walk right on over to Stanhope Street!

The Friendly Toast is known for its quirky interior design and retro furniture, and the new Back Bay location doesn’t disappoint. Vibrant colors fill the room, vintage signs hang along the walls, and funky lights dangle from the ceiling. This diner also has two floors, both containing bars, with the bottom floor being unofficially called “The Boom Boom Room.”

And to no surprise, the food is as tasty as ever at the Back Bay location. All the same fan favorites are offered, including the hearty Chicken and Waffles!

Although the vibe and food are just as great as the other locations, what makes the Back Bay location even better is that it’s open until 3AM on the weekends! Now you can enjoy the Boston nightlife AND a stack of pancakes afterwards, and who doesn’t want that?!

Overall, the new location for The Friendly Toast gets the CE seal of approval.


An Evening in the Emerald City

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

Unlike a traditional red carpet, guests entered the Fairmont Copley Plaza on rolled out lavish green carpets for “An Evening in the Emerald City.”

This holiday party transformed the classic Boston hotel into a scene from the Wizard of Oz. Guests found themselves far from the streets they know as they were  swept up and transported into a land with hints of fantastical elements and décor adorned in rich shades of green and metallic tones.

Projections of a brewing tornado on the celestial ceiling mural and green uplights filled the ballroom. The famous Yellow Brick Road stamped a lighted golden tone and brick pattern through the green into the middle of the dance floor. The center of the Yellow Brick Road featured a golden candy bar with an oversized statement piece including outstretched branches and golden antlers. The bar added dimension to the space and certainly enhance the already beautiful ballroom.

Scattered throughout the Grand Ballroom, high and low tables allowed for varied seating and perching. Mirrored and gold tables also featured metallic and glass center pieces, which were filled with test tubes, apothecary jars, and lush green floral arrangements. Soft seating sections allowed for lounging and featured the face of the Wizard himself! Along with this, glass and metallic candle holders, as well as ornamented lanterns, sat atop the sparkling green tables.

‘Wiches of Boston brought an ice cream bar made right before the guests’ eyes from a cloud of liquid nitrogen with festive flavors: Triple Ginger with Cherries and Roasted Almonds and Green Peppermint Chocolate Chunk with Mini Marshmallows. It was both entertaining and delicious!

Behind the Grand Ballroom, the Ballroom Foyer was an ode to the story itself. Black and white striped soft seating, reminiscent of the Wicked Witch’s tights, and a pair of ruby slippers were the focal point of the space. Ruby uplighting gave a different feel to this space while guests had the perfect oasis to retreat from the dance party. Small arrangements of red poppies sat atop the guest tables like the fields of poppies in the Land of Oz.

Both the ballroom and the Foyer transformed the Fairmont space to the Land of Oz, full of fantasy and holiday spirit for all to enjoy!


Time to Destress!

Friday, January 22nd, 2016

Winter Storm Jonas may not be hitting Boston as hard as NYC and DC, but we Bostonians know what’s to come in the next few months: Shoveling out our cars, attempting to meet clients amidst all the snow, delayed T rides, and so much more.

None of these scenarios are ideal, especially when they happen at the start of your morning. We already have more than enough conference calls, meetings, and work – we don’t need to be buried in snow too!

For all the stressful days that lie ahead of us, the Corinthian Events team has decided to share some of our favorite de-stressing techniques to help get you through even the most stressful of days!

Whether you have five minutes to spare or a full hour, here are some great tips to help you destress and relax your mind at work, even when you think it’s impossible:

1) Yoga at the desk (or stretching in general) – When you’re stressed, your muscles tighten and when your muscles tighten, you feel uncomfortable. By giving yourself a minute or two to stretch out, your muscles and mind will relax and you’ll feel a bit more refreshed to continue the task at hand. Whether the stretch is as simple as standing up and reaching your hands to your toes or as complex as the Yoganidrasana pose (what even is that?) it’s a great way to destress throughout the work day.

2) Go for a walk – Walking allows you to take your mind off things and to get some fresh air. It also gives your eyes a break from the computer screen and you can even do it while going to get lunch!

3) And if it’s too cold to go outside…walk to the kitchen for a snack – Even just a quick trip to the kitchen can reduce your stress levels, especially when it’s for a snack. Eating snacks like trail mix, peanut butter and apples/bananas, yogurt, or veggies and hummus will all give you the energy to keep up with your work.

4) Play your favorite song – Music is played throughout the entire office with most companies now, but it may not always be the type of music that relaxes you most. Take five minutes to listen to your favorite song to put you at ease before diving back into your work.

5) Look at your favorite picture – It can be on your desk or in an album on your phone, but if you take a quick look at your favorite picture, or a picture that reminds you of a happy time, your mind and body will begin to relax. It can even be a picture of your favorite beach that you find on Google. Regardless of the source, looking at a picture that emulates what you believe to be happy and relaxing will make you happy and relaxed.

6) Visit one of these relaxing websites – If you don’t want to leave your desk, Do Nothing for 2 Minutes is always a great website to go to. Once on the home page, you’re not allowed to touch your mouse or keyboard for two whole minutes (I know, impossible right?), otherwise the timer restarts and says “try again.” Soothing sounds of waves play, but even if you don’t want to listen to the ocean, you can take the two minutes to close your eyes or just breathe.

Calm is another great website to visit when you’re stressed. You can choose how long you want your meditation break to be for and if you want it guided or not. You also get to choose the nature scene that most relaxes you. If you’d rather do this during your commute to and from work, or at home, there’s even an app!

We hope these tips help relax you next time you feel like your drowning in work (or snow)!


Quest for the #BostonRomanceMan

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

As the guys only make up 16% of the Corinthian Events office (3 out of 18 people), we are always looking for a few more good men (although you really can’t get any better than our boys)!

To help out our pals at the Four Seasons Boston, we are CALLING ALL BOSTON MEN (or women who know a good one)!

Are you generous? Are you funny? Are you chivalrous? Are you anything that involves being a great, romantic man? If yes, then do we have the contest for you!

Four Seasons Hotel Boston is on a quest to find the Most Romantic Man in Boston, and how might they be doing this? By inviting Instagram users to upload a photo of the man they think exemplifies romance, tagging @FSBoston, and using the hashtag #BostonRomanceMan.

And don’t worry, you fellas who are in a committing relationship aren’t left out of the fun. As long as you’re a man over 21 living in the Greater Boston Area, you can be nominated. Heck, you can even nominate yourself! What better way to remind your significant other how great you are than winning the Most Romantic Man in Boston contest?! Plus, the winner gets a special Valentine’s Weekend package, including a free overnight stay at the Four Seasons! If that isn’t motivation to hop on Instagram and show the Four Seasons what your made of, I don’t know what is.

The contest ends January 28th, so get those romance pants on become the next #BostonRomanceMan!

Please go to this link for the official rules and eligibility requirements.


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