New Chic Workspace…Ooh La La!

Thursday, February 25th, 2016

At Corinthian Events, we’re always looking for new ways to be inventive and keep things fresh; so we decided to apply our creativity and organizational skills to our own office space. As our team has continued to grow we felt this was the perfect time to make a change. With this in mind, the Partners helped design desks that would promote a more productive and creative work environment.

The new office pods definitely show off our unique way of thinking. How can we improve a file cabinet? Keep its practicality, but give it a sleek look and a colorful cushion on top that can be used by a visiting coworker. Can we create more space on each desk? Sure! Mount the monitors and allow them to adjust to the perfect height (which will also help with posture). Is it possible to isolate sound AND keep the space open and inviting? You betcha! Combine a fabric desk separator with glass on top that keeps sound confined to each space, but also allows coworkers to interact with each other when needed.

Whether at the office, at home, or onsite, everyone at Corinthian Events is always thinking of ways to improve the space around us. Creativity isn’t just about color and entertainment – even the most mundane tasks and elements can be enhanced with a creative touch!

To see more about our new office space, check out this awesome time-lapse video, edited by our one-and-only Production and Technical Assistant, Matt!


CE Goes to the Midwest: ADMEI 2016

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

A little over a week ago, Breanne, Jamie and Jill made their way to the Midwest (Oklahoma City) for the 2016 ADMEI Annual Conference. This is the only conference for the destination management profession, bringing owners, sales and operations teams together to network and help attendees connect with their fellow peers in other destinations.

One of their favorite speakers from the conference included keynote speaker, Chris Kuehl.  If you haven’t heard him speak, you must! He’s extremely engaging and even better, he’s hilarious.  He spoke on the Economy – good news, we are not headed into another recession. Why you might ask? Because you need to end one recession before you can enter a new one, and we haven’t fully recovered from our 2008-2009 recession.

Friday night, the girls headed to the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum for a networking event. This is America’s premiere institution of Western history, art and culture. Walking through the museum, the Corinthian trio viewed galleries focused on American cowboys, Native American culture and frontier military. Fun fact: there are over 500 different patents of barbed wire! Who knew?

The rest of the evening was spent catching up with old friends, making new ones, dancing, and riding the mechanical bull into the sunset!

The next day included a session with Michael Dominguez, Chief Sales Officer at MGM Resorts International, who gave his commentary on the State of the Industry. Based on 2015, Hotel Occupancy is at its highest Demand ever (1.2 Billion) with the highest Occupancy ever (65.6%) and the highest Room Revenue ($142 billion).

Saturday afternoon included some free time, so Breanne, Jamie and Jill explored the city, making sure to stop at the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum. This Memorial Museum takes visitors through the days, weeks and years that followed the April 19, 1995 bombing of Oklahoma City’s Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.

It was a humbling experience for them, learning about the journey Oklahomans faced with this tragedy. Twenty-one years later, it is clear that they are a strong, resilient and tight-knit community.

“We come here to remember those who were killed, those who survived and those changed forever.  May all who leave here know the impact of violence.  May this memorial offer comfort, strength, peace, hope and serenity.”

Saturday night featured the ADMEI Awards Gala. Entertainment for the evening included a thrilling performance by Scott Keo, a Michael Buble Tribute, and boy was he amazing!  There was quite a lot to celebrate that evening. Congratulations to all the winners, especially Bonnie Boyd, Rhonda Marko and Madelyn Marusa for the Lifetime Achievement Award, what a huge accomplishment!

A big shout out to Factor 110 who made them feel welcome in their city and did an amazing job with event production throughout the week.

Corinthian Events looks forward to this conference every year – an opportunity to spend time with some of our favorite colleagues in the industry throughout the world.  We’ll see everyone in Barcelona for ADMEI 2017!


Big Air was Super Cool – in More Ways Than One!

Thursday, February 18th, 2016

Why do we love being ambassadors to Boston and bringing people here from around the world and showing them what a great city we have? Because Boston is SUPER COOL…and we don’t just mean the weather!

A city rich in history & tradition, Boston is also innovative and hip. A mix of old and new, the city offers something for everyone and continually celebrates its history by pairing it with cutting edge technology. The latest example? Just after celebrating it’s centennial, Fenway hosted a big air snowboarding and freeskiing U.S. Grand Prix tour event. A 140-foot high ramp was built in the middle of the ballpark (say what?!), reaching heights higher than the lights in the park!

Although bitter cold temperatures hit Boston the same week as Big Air, it was humorous to walk around the concession stands at Fenway and see people wearing parkas and mittens rather than baseball jerseys and caps. Our guess is that they sold more hot chocolate than beers that night!

Stepping out to the seats, it was astonishing to view the slope and see just how big it was. The snowboarders looked ant-sized at the top, getting bigger and bigger as they incredibly zoomed down the slope, flipping and turning the entire way. It was even more amazing that they were actually able to stop at the bottom!

All in all, it was a great night of excitement and a great coup for our amazing city of Boston, but don’t think the adventure stops here! Look out for The Red Bull Flugtag coming to Boston this summer, when wacky costumed daredevils will fly off the top of the Hatch Shell into the Charles River, once again, mixing Boston’s history with the new!


The Special Event 2016

Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

At the beginning of the month, Tamara and Elizabeth hit the road to Orlando to meet, mingle, and learn what’s new at our industry’s hottest tradeshow and conference The Special Event.

Over the course of three days, our team members chatted with top vendors in entertainment and décor and got inspired.  From a 360-degree photo booth to a week-long charitable activity that allowed the conference attendees to prepare over a million meals for children around the world, T & E were nonstop!

Highlights of the conference included keynote speaker, Sally Hogshead, dazzling the main stage with her market research on the Fascination Advantage, as well as the ever enthralling trendspotting presentation: Michael Cerbelli’s Hot List.

Contrary to many personality assessments that tell us how YOU see the WORLD, Hogshead developed an assessment that reveals how the WORLD sees YOU.  How can you be valuable and fascinating to others? Hogshead lectures on the ways that you can build loyalty, lead others, get creative, connect emotionally, and communicate carefully to fascinate and hold attention of those that you interact with.  T & E learned valuable lessons that help us understand our Fascination Advantage and the overarching personality archetypes via our communication style.

Closing the show with a balloon drop, Cerbelli highlighted some of his favorite entertainment and décor pieces. Our creative juices were pumping with talk of dancing dogs, video mapped DJ booths, and an underwater Photobooth,!

Tamara and Elizabeth even had a free night to head to the happiest place on earth… Disney World! Fireworks in the sky and projection mapping on Cinderella’s castle kept these two creative event planners dreaming big.

And to top it all off, Elizabeth enjoyed clocking hours toward her re-certification of her CMP!


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