Planes, Trains Automobiles Oui, Oui!

Thursday, May 26th, 2016

Planes, Trains Automobiles Oui, Oui! (oh, and a few boats too!)

Traveling to Boston for only a few days, our recent French speaking clients wanted to touch, smell and experience all our great city has to offer as a true Bostonian. Boston is all about the Harbor, so their first experience once they got off the plane was “Claire,” a lovely, covered and heated, water taxi that brought our group over to the Chart House for dinner for some of Boston’s best seafood. Pouring rain obstructed our sunset but the gloomy weather didn’t squander our guest’s excitement for their visit. They snapped their cameras, over and over in hopes of catching just one clear shop of the gorgeous Boston Skyline.

Taking the Boston subway system (better known as the T) on a regular basis, we tend to look past the character and charm. This French speaking group wanted to take the subway – and be a real Bostonian. It was a fun way to get around for the group but a bit nerve racking for our staff to make sure no one was left behind. Good news is, not a person was lost!

Duck Boats are quintessentially Boston so why not charter one privately for the group? What a fun way to explore the city. They traveled the duck on land and water, learning about the sites and sounds of Boston. Our duck adventure ended where our Freedom Trail begins. Clad in coats, covered by umbrellas and swelling with excitement, our group explored an abbreviated walk on the Freedom Trail up to followed by a well-deserved dinner.

The “pièce de résistance” was the the Scaventure Hunt Car Rally – what a blast! French speaking guests all drove themselves from Boston to Cape Ann, getting clues and finding things along the way. To prepare we procured all 14 cars in advance, programmed all the navigations with the stops along the way (in French no less!) and handed the car keys to the drivers upon entry into each vehicle directly outside the hotel. C’est du gâteau! (Piece of cake!)

Their final outing, we set up a whale watch. Hoping the rain would break and they would get some great harbor shots was in vain. The rain was relentless. But, so was their spirit! Our fun loving French group snapped away and captured fun shots and definitely some great memories of our wonderful city!


Think Big – And Look Up!

Thursday, May 19th, 2016

Space constraints often pose a challenge for an event designer when you have a packed house. This was the case at this year’s Newton Wellesley gala at the Westin Copley. The good news was they sold enough tables to fill the room for a successful guest turn out. The challenge – how to bring the look and feel of their invitation into the room with little to no floor space once guests tables, staging and dance floor were in.

Playing off the elegance of their invitation with a focus on the nautilus shell with a gold and teal color pallet, we incorporated the look and feel into the linens and centerpieces. But why stop there?! With no floor space, the primary design elements became elegant patterned lighting effects on the walls, a complimentary stage backdrop and of course a giant crystal chandelier.

What looked like “cheap and cheerful” crystal beads were conceptualized into a three tier chandelier hanging over the dance floor. Sheer fabric was added centrally to help catch specialty lighting in complementary colors with slow scrolling teal pattern projections. A gold lighting projection of the nautilus shell on to the dance floor competed the look.

Lessons of the day… if you are out of room but want more ambience at your event, don’t forget to consider your ceiling and walls to transform guests into a different atmosphere.


Historic Boston with a Modern Twist

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

Boston’s history is vast – playing an innovative and central role in American history for over 300 years. Check out some Corinthian Events when we combined this rich history with our modern touch!

Transforming the Boston Public Library, the world’s first publicly supported library, from study hall to an elegant evening event is just lovely – notice the two table runners draped across the desks! When you can’t cover an entire table, table runners are a great option.

Old South Meeting House was the organizing point for the Boston Tea Party! We amped up this historic location with a rockin’ DJ set up on the pulpit and specialty lighting to accentuate the classic architecture.

Wonder what the Founding Fathers would think of these lovely waitresses in wigs?!

The Museum of Fine Arts is a special treasure of Boston – hosting a dinner there is an opportunity to dine with masters. Notice the color choices of the linens, chairs and table decor; they are all chosen to compliment the color palette of this venue.

With so many neighborhoods in Boston, 23 total, it is no wonder there is such a diverse selection of inspiration in this historic city. Not able to visit them all while your here? We can bring the neighborhoods to you! This conference we designed to showcase the character in food, decor and entertainment of Boston!

Can’t get enough of Boston too? Contact Corinthian Events to plan your next historic Boston event!


5 Tips on Planning a Successful Fundraiser

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

Planning a Fundraising Event is a lot of work. Here are 5 tips to get you focused!

1.Pick a Theme, Concept or Color Scheme

Not only is picking a theme fun but it will help your event be cohesive. Choosing linens, florals, and signage is streamlined when you have a theme to tie it all together.

2. Pick your Venue Wisely

Choosing the right venue will add to your event (sometimes without even) adding to your bottom line. Find out what is included upfront such as lighting, tables, linens, as some venues have them in house!

3.Use Social Media

Choose a hashtag, share it and put it on signage. That way your guests can take photos of your event and share it on social media too. Its great exposure for your organization and provides additional promotion even after the event is over.

4. Use Proper Signage

Are you having a silent auction? Make sure your guests know! Also, provided signage for bathrooms, bar, and any other important details will positively impact your guests experience and your success!

5. Plan, Plan, Plan!

Don’t underestimate the importance of planning! As soon as you begin planning your event, create a work back schedule of what needs to happen and by when. Scrambling at the last minute is no fun at all!

At Corinthian Events we are experts in planning and executing events.

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