3 Tips for a Successful Summer Outing!

Thursday, June 30th, 2016

As Bostonians, we treasure summer weather as a gift that will inevitably leave us too soon this year as it does year after year. At Corinthian Events we work as an event planning extension to many companies throughout the city – planning meetings, galas, dinners and of course – summer outings.

With our Boston summers so short, the outings we create have to be ones to sustain us all year! So, as you plan your summer events, whether it be this holiday weekend, a trip with friends or a company outing – learn from our experience in considering your food, games and rain plan.

Keep your summer food simple and delicious. Treat your guests to easy to hold options including sliders, fish tacos, miniature bahn mi or anything in a cup such as gazpacho or a corn salad. Have you seen the make your own salad shakers? Fill the shaker with your salad fixings including lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, nuts, dressing – whatever you like – shake it up and pour into a convenient cup. Easy, totally customizable and fun to eat!


Even fresher?  There are lots of food trucks throughout Boston. During lunchtime the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway is full of them! Have an afternoon of tasting at the Greenway and schedule a truck at your next event.

Outdoor games loosen up a crowd, they’re a must. Bear pong (oversized pong with buckets- pictured above), foosball (outdoor available to rent), giant Jenga and ladder golf (pictured above) are just a few. Corn hole (pictured above) is the tried and true game that gets brought just about everywhere. Best part? All can be played with a drink in your hand!

There is a saying in Boston that if you don’t like the weather, just wait a few minutes. Summer weather can go from hot to not to thunderstorms so quickly that it can derail your outdoor festivities. The outdoor venues we count on in the city all have accompanying indoor facilities or tents that can be used as a rain plan. Even if your not planning for hundreds of people – a rain plan means you won’t be washed out. So don’t let the weather catch you unprepared – always have a plan!

Nonetheless, if you are planning your holiday weekend, a day with friends or a summer outing with your company, use our tips and most importantly, don’t forget to have fun!

Happy 4th of July!


What’s a Party Without a Theme?

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

Themes play an important role at a party. They set the scene for the ambience and design direction. Our weekend involved two special events as part of the Alumni Welcome Back Weekend at a local college, which brought together a group of alums from multiple graduation years to celebrate and reminisce about their college experience! Our first evening was a Nantucket Nautical theme with tables covered in assorted linens of deep navy blue, crisp white and large lobster prints. The center pieces varied too with sail boats, lanterns, and hydrangeas.

Tropical Paradise was our theme for day two. And what a bright fiesta it was!

With gorgeous skies and a light breeze, the next day’s Tropical theme was perfect. Bright aqua, lime green and patterned tablecloths were adorned with flower arrangements of colorful flowers and exotic leaves. Existing Adirondack chairs fit with our choice of rustic wooden chairs with muslin seat covers.

The beautiful day transitioned into a great night for an outdoor Tropical party! Notice the bright green lighting on the ceiling of the awning? It was inspired by palm leaves. And, if you look closely you’ll also see lanterns and potted palm trees as well! This theme set a lively tone for an evening of games and connecting with old friends.

Planning a summer party? Take inspiration for our seasoned team and choose themes you can bring to life with décor!


Razor Sharp Branding

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

Transforming a Gillette Venus conference room into a branded showroom takes smooth delivery and razor sharp execution. Puns aside – we had a ball working with Marina Maher Communications (MMC) to design their Gillette Venus Brunch & Learn! Based on their objective and design concept, our team brainstormed ideas for décor and shareable photo opportunities.

Arriving at Gillette Headquarters, our guests deserved a warm welcome. We created a large welcome banner, repurposed Gillette’s soft seating into a lounge and brought in branded cappuccinos and lattes – check out the Gillette Venus logo on the foam!

As the guests walked to the conference room they received celebrity treatment, walking the Gillette Venus blue carpet up to a floor to ceiling CHOOSE TO SMOOTH banner. Additional drama was created by to make everything in the room pop. Notice white up-lighting on signage and Gillette Venus blue on the walls.

The transformation of the conference room was spectacular. The table was covered with a custom Venus blue linens and set with silver chargers, orange bottom glasses, silver ball napkin rings, tall mercury glass candle holders, small votive holders with silver ball details and gorgeous flowers to mimic the pink, yellow and orange brand inspiration. Water and #CHOOSETOSMOOTH decals were attached to the conference room glass. Silver chairs with pink cushions were chosen as well. Branded gifts, including a custom moleskin book, were placed on the table along with small flower displays in test tubes – reminding our guests of their next stop – the labs!

While the guests were treated to Brunch, our team transitioned the welcome lobby from cappuccino lounge to photo-op. A simple lounge just would not do!

This blow-up pool filled with over 50 silver blow up balls and fun props, sitting on top of a 12’ x 12’ water decal. Our photographer took shots from above, printed the pictures on the spot and also shared them via social media for interested parties. How cool is that?

Guests had a blast – being treated to a one of a kind day – and experiencing Venus Gillette from a whole other angle!



Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) hosts an annual science festival called TouchTomorrow, bringing thousands of people of all ages to enjoy science, technology and robots.

We have helped facilitate this awesome festival for the past 3 years and, for some of our Corinthian Events team, this is the event we most look forward to each year.  WPI’s TouchTomorrow festival is a FREE event to the public that draws technology enthusiasts of all ages.

Our role in this amazing festival is mostly logistics – and we LOVE logistics! Due to the large scale of this event – which spanned the entire campus including 15 buildings & laboratories plus 24 tents spread throughout the campus, logistics were vital. Our team focused on detailed floor plans for all the internal and external exhibitors as well as all the rentals which  included spandex linens, AV and tables and chairs.  It was important to plan the perfect placement of all items and keep in mind of the roving robots on campus!

In order to plan for an event of this scale, we built a registration system to help WPI anticipate attendance and send information to their guests. We integrated the registration site with their website, designed and sent marketing emails to spread the word!

On site, we positioned teams of staff to check in attendees on IPads. This system fed live data integrated with pre-registration which allowed WPI to tract actual attendance. At any time, we could see live numbers of how many people were there!

After reflecting on several years of data and event history, we worked with the WPI team to build a mobile app for the festival. About 1/3 of families downloaded the app in advance and over 75% of families were using the app by the end of the event! The app included interactive schedules and maps, surveys and social media channels – everything to help attendees plan their day. We even sent notifications for last minute changes and advice when it started to rain.

Merging logistics with science and tech is pretty awesome. Inviting the community to experience it is even better. Our favorite part? Watching everything come together to create an amazing day!


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