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Thursday, July 28th, 2016

With summer in full swing it is easy to walk around the city and bump into tourists everywhere you go. History, museums, and walking trails to explore, there are a lot of ways to explore Boston. At Corinthian Events we organize activities and outings for groups which take team building to another level. In doing so, we’ve learned a lot about putting together special events around the city. While we can’t give away all our secrets… we are sharing 1 general tip and 1 insider tip for each location!


Boston Harbor

The views from land are gorgeous and the sea? Incredible.

TIP: Options for taking a day tour are numerous. We recommend getting out on the water.

INSIDER TIP: Some of the boats are available for private events. Planning in advance often required!


Moakley Courthouse

More space is dedicated to public use than any other Federal Courthouse in the nation. Stop by to admire this incredible building – stay to take in the view.

TIP: Incredible views of the Harbor are on display through the panoramic windows – come picture ready!

INSIDER TIP: Many locations at the Courthouse are available for rent including the lawn. We have even hosted yoga on the lawn!


Boston Public Garden

Built as the first botanical garden in America, the public garden contains walking paths, flowers, natural beauty as well as a lagoon. Ample established trees offer many locations to sit and enjoy a shady spot on a warm day.

TIP: Sign up for a ride on a swan boat for a special view of the garden.

INSIDER TIP: Use the garden as a backdrop for free photo ops. This is also great location for walking tours of Boston!


Duck Tours

Learn the sites in Boston aboard an amphiboius vehicle designed to travel routes throughout the city on land and water. There are a boat load of stops you’ll see on this adventure. You may want to keep in mind this is a light hearted tour – with quacking along with way.

TIP: Plan your clothes accordingly – you likely won’t get too wet but depending on the wind you may get some spray from the Charles River.

INSIDER SECRET: Ample time and enough people will allow you to have special requests – even choosing a special ConDUCKtor for your group!


JFK Museum

Visiting the JFK Museum is a step back in time to the recreated world of the Kennedy Presidency. The style of the museum draws you in the Kennedy years, immersing you into the life of JFK and the time.

TIP:  Parking can be difficult at the JFK. Public Transportation is advised.

INSIDER TIP: The Museum is a spectacular location for special events.


Trinity Church

Standing tall on Copley Square, this landmark building boasts an active congregation, programs for adults & children and 7 (seriously 7) high level choirs. Visitors are encouraged to sign up for a guided or self-guided tour during tour hours.

TIPS: View the tour calendar or even call to ensure your time is available. These times change.

INSIDER TIP: Private tours are available and sometimes special organ recitals can be arranged!

Have fun in Boston this summer! And remember that a successful trip doesn’t just happen – it’s planned for!


Row, Row, Row, Our Boat

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

When MPINE (Meeting Planner’s International, New England) announced this year’s summer outing, a rowing challenge followed by networking, we jumped at the chance to create our own team!

Rowing on the Charles River is a team-building event we recommend for our clients so we looked forward to the opportunity to have that personal experience to share. And, at Corinthian Events, we are always up for a new adventure! As the date approached: outfits were chosen, nerves were checked, and excitement swelled. Out of the 7 of our team members and one addition guest brave enough to join us, only one – Jenni, had any rowing experience. What were we getting into!?

Once we arrived at CRI we made our way upstairs and onto the stationary rowers to learn the basics of the stroke. We learned our catch position (with legs bent ready to push off) and our finish position (with legs extended and handle at our chest). Pictured above we are between the two, learning the motions from one to the next.

What did we learn was most important? Strength? Speed? Nope! We learned that we would be most successful if everyone rowed at the same time. Once we learned the motion we practiced staying together, following the person to one side of us or the other.

Our team pro- Jenni, took the lead as the front of the boat. We relied on her expertise to lead the team! Her stroke would be what we followed for a pace as we took to the water.

Reflecting on the experience, Jamie said, “I figured it would be pretty easy, (yet) the 1st 5 minutes in the boat were a little nerve-racking until I got my rhythm.”

And rhythm we found – once we got into the groove our boat took off floating along the Charles River! Positive feedback on our strokes from our CRI guides felt great but the icing on the cake was our success.

We determined working so well in the office as a well oiled machine, collaborating and having each other’s back quickly translated on the water. Check out our rowing skills in a video here!

First race? No problem. Second race? We were up against a difficult challenge, competing against CRI volunteers with experience but we buckled down and came out on top!

Celebrating with high fives and smiles – after all this hard work was accomplished it was time for a cocktail!

Community Rowing Inc. (CRI) is a non-profit rowing organization with the commitment to “promote personal and community growth through teamwork, discipline, and physical fitness.”

Happy Friday

Thursday, July 21st, 2016

An open ended survey was passed around the office and lo and behold we had a solid amount of matching answers (not a surprise)! The category with the most matches – our favorite summertime drinks!

The locations varied… while some of us enjoy a drink at a particular restaurant or bar while others are happy to sip and enjoy their own patio (or someone else’s) our drinks selections show we have a lot in common. In honor of this special day of the week we are sharing our team’s favorite drinks to quench our thirst during the summer.

Happy Friday!

Corinthian Events Team’s Favorite Summer Drinks


Sangria has been a summer staple since the dawn of time. (Check Wikipedia – just kidding!) This classic drink can be made with red or white wine. Claudia’s favorite is the Spanish sangria from Toro, Maureen adores the sangria from Cuchi Cuchi and Sarah P.’s favorite is the variety at Legal Harborside – nice choices ladies!

Blueberry Vodka Lemonade

Two of our senior team members, Elizabeth and Tamara, both chose Blueberry Vodka Lemonade. Now before you get too crazy with muddling blueberries and hand squeezing your lemons – try pouring blueberry vodka into a cup of lemonade – Voila!

Chilled Wine

Think cool and refreshing, while the sweeter the wine the colder it typically should be served, summertime drinks are always best served chilled. Sommeliers cover your ears… even red wine tastes great chilled in the summer! Courtney prefers her white wine chilled on her deck and Jenni enjoys Rose on her patio.

Mojito and Other Rum Drinks

Rum, oh yum. This versatile liquor is the base for Mojitos, Pina Colados and of course – rum punch. Jill, Megan, Sarah and Natalie all find their summertime fix with rum drinks.

Our Newest Members

It takes time to be in sync… our two newest team members each chose different options! Shira joined us 2 months ago and her favorite is the Margarita. This is Cody’s first week… his favorite is Gin + Tonic.

There is something about a chilled drink on a warm summer evening – Cheers!


VIP Access: Fenway

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

Whether you are visiting Boston for the first time or you are already a chowdah-sippin’ lobstah-lovin’ Bostonian, a trip to Fenway for a tour is a must on your to-do list.

Fenway Park, known as the ‘most beloved park,’ opened its doors in April of 1912. Fans at this first game witnessed the Red Sox beat the (then) New York Highlanders 7-6. Over the 104 years the park has stood to hold millions of visitors and a lot of wear and tear – but, even with the renovations and fixes over years, the character remains intact. Visiting Fenway Park is an awesome experience for baseball fanatics, history buffs and common folk alike.

At Corinthian Events we strive to bring every event to another level (seriously, ask around), so our trip to Fenway was definitely not your traditional tour.


When the Red Sox win the World Series, they travel as champions by duck boat through the city of Boston. To give our guests ‘the Champion Experience’ duck boats picked them up at the Four Seasons to ferry them to Fenway.


Quacking commenced while the Ducks stuck to land, offering a peak at Boston Garden, Boston Common, Trinity Church, Cheers, and the John Hancock building on the way to Fenway Park.



Continuing the VIP experience – guests enjoyed a catered luncheon in the Partners’ Suite along with a presentation and book signing from Dave Mellor, the groundskeeper at Fenway. Dave has been grooming famous ballparks for 32 years and Fenway has been his home since 2001 – he has a lot of knowledge to share! Now time to check out the stadium…


While not original – the chairs in the grandstand section at Fenway hold a special piece of history. They are the only wooden seats still remaining in all of baseball!


Through a partnership with Green City Growers, Fenway Farms was created to provide fresh and organically grown fruits and vegetables to Red Sox fans dining at the EMC Club Restaurant at Fenway. These farms help to make Fenway one of the greenest ballparks in America!

A Fenway tour rarely allows access to the field. But when your hanging with Dave Mellor and he invites you down – access granted! Dave brought the group onto the grass (step lightly!) for playful pictures.


Ground level – we’ve made it!


Run Dave, Run!


Practicing ‘air’ baseball swings (without a bat) – can’t go wrong posing on the field at Fenway Park! We love sharing our city of Boston with guests and locals all the same.


Our favorite part? The sights, the sounds – the crack of the bat, but the best has to be seeing the guys in action!


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