Meet the Team: Halloween Edition

Thursday, October 27th, 2016

Here at Corinthian Events we are creative through and through. Adding a pinch of this and a spice of that to concoct our clients inspiring potions – err proposals – all day long!

This ‘Brave’ family – better known as the ‘Tate’ family, are a staple at Corinthian Events. Annie and Marshall confidently hold their own alongside their parents Jill and Rich even without these ensembles.

Megan (Dorothy) is the older sister to this set of triplets (Tin Man, Lion and Scarecrow). The only one not part of the family? Toto. He was Borrowed.

Real or imaginary, these little munchkins are very cute. Elizabeth the unicorn, Erin the cheetah and Shira the tiger all need to thank their moms for sewing these wonderful outfits.

Darling little girls – Dawn, Natalie and Sarah are all dolled up for a not-so-spooky Halloween.

Cody here is Ash J. Williams – a demon killer. Matt would fear for his life – if he weren’t already dead!

Mary isn’t ducking around with Tom – paired as “Duck Dynasty.”

Shira’s gumball ensemble is sweet as can be. Claudia and her husband Seth, rocking it as workout Barbie and Ken, might even be tempted!

If there was a most ridiculous prize these would take the cake.

Dawn is self-described as “a 7-year old boy – Timmy.” Her friend, ‘Jimmy’ is cut out of the picture. And Bailey – well, what is really important here? This is 1 of Bailey’s 3 dinosaur costumes!

From our Corinthian Events office to you and yours – wishing everyone a silly, spooky and wonderfully creative Halloween!


Corinthian Events Newest Footwear!

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

Don’t mess with Mother Nature! She sent us a doozy this Friday with some pretty epic rain during a tented event. The event and tent… No problem! Our shoes… a little soggy

As all good event planners, we researched how to be better prepared for the next rainy event, and this is what we found! How fashionable are we???

This wasn’t quite us at the end of the event, but it sure would have been fun.


Meet the Team: Micha

Thursday, October 20th, 2016

Caring. Dedicated. Upbeat.

Micha spends most of her time at Corinthian Events eloquently communicating with clients. As a Senior Account Manager and Certified Meeting Professional, she has mastered the art of discussing event dreams vs. real world budgets and timelines tactfully – creating solutions to even the biggest of challenges.

So much so actually, that many in the office use her as a sounding board for help with ‘out of the box’ problem solving. Case in Point:

“I was onsite at an event when my client said the VIP needed a Kosher Meal and wanted it within 30-minutes.  I panicked, called Micha and from her couch she ordered a Kosher meal, called a cab company and convinced them to go pick it up and deliver to me at the restaurant – she was a life saver!  Micha the Meeting MacGyver!” – Jamie

Micha values her family (including her pups – Bella and Lucy!) and friends most in life – and also her ancestry.

“My Scottish-Malaysian heritage (is something I relish). I love having such different cultures on both sides of my family.” She loves cooking for her family when they are together, which is never enough; as they are ALL big eaters, she shares.

Outside of the office, Micha enjoys spending her time puttering around the house with her husband Ryan, meandering around Fresh Market, and occasionally on Sundays she rallies for local charities through running 5K’s.

At the office – Jill, partner at Corinthian Events, shares, “(Micha) gets to know people and has an amazing memory for the personal side as well as the business side.”

Elizabeth expands on the idea adding, “Micha is caring, genuine and incredibly personable.  She is fantastic with clients and represents Corinthian Events extremely well.”

We are so lucky to have Micha on our team – not only are “her client relations and sales skills exceptional” said Courtney (partner at Corinthian Events), but “she is tough (when needed) and doesn’t tolerate BS!”

During her lifetime, she’d like to do something that has been deemed impossible… “I (just) haven’t quite figured out what that is yet!” If anyone can solve the unsolvable it’s Micha!

Oh, and don’t call her Micah!


Inspiration Season!

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

Decor makes a statement. Themes tell a story.

With Halloween around the corner, inspiration is all around for costumes, décor, and for us at Corinthian Events – themes! As we experience another season of spectacular ideas, we reminisce on some of our favorite themed events through the years!

Joker inspired chair covers, royal feather centerpieces and roving performers in regalia took this Mardi Gras themed fundraising gala over the top! Guests immerse themselves in the celebration – and charity – adorned in carnival attire!

Boston is our home base – and with that comes a love of lobster, baseball and of course – history. We hosted a ‘Neighborhoods of Boston’ event at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center and just couldn’t help ourselves from adding a period appropriate band of fife and drums!

I suppose the wicked witch of the west would have been honored to have been smooshed at such a classy location as the Fairmount Copley for a Wizard of Oz inspired gala. We created a gorgeous Ruby Red room for the cocktail reception and allowed guests to flow into the Emerald (green) room as well!

Dorothy may not have wanted to head back to Kansas if this was the Emerald City she found! Just breathtaking!

Keep your eyes open this season to all the inspiration around you and Happy Halloween!


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