Totally Awesome 80’s Prom!

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

It’s not typical for a corporation – especially an insurance company – to do such a lighthearted theme during the holidays, but we are lucky to work with a wonderful client for the third year in a row who encourages their employees each year to let loose, dress the part, and have a blast!

Lighting and entertainment played a dynamic role in this party. The multi-colored uplighting changed hues throughout the evening, and the pattern wash on the floor, disco balls on the ceiling and slot glass projection finished the look. To truly embrace this totally awesome decade, we had memorabilia as centerpieces on the tables like roller skates and mini arcade games!

Last year the group enjoyed a 20’s art deco theme party and around half of the guests dressed the part showing up in flapper costumes donned in feathers. This year however, the group took their party prep to another level and fully embodied the theme by embracing their inner mullets and permed hair styles!!!

With approximately 80% of guests showing up in 80’s prom attire, this event was totally rad, and at the end of the of the evening, a prom King & Queen were named complete with sashes and crowns.

This group really loves to dance- they filled the dance floor from the beginning of the night until the end! With these dancing machines, a surprise performance by professional break dancers was the perfect fit! After entertaining the crowd with their smooth moves, the break dancers taught some slick dance styles to the guests and got everyone involved.

These clients year after year are wonderful to work with; we appreciate their partnership, lasting relationship and letting us run loose with these fun and entertaining themes!


Let’s Celebrate

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

There are some people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger and live just a little bit better.

Courtney & Jill both turn 50 this year so what better excuse for a party! The festivities took place at Commonwealth Cambridge in Kendall Square and the guest list included their closest friends, family, and our Corinthian Events family.

While both partners had their hand in the planning of their party, our team secretly planned some extra special surprises!

The first surprise for both birthday girls included a memory filled slide show. Over a hundred pictures were included from childhood photos to the early years at Corinthian Events up through more recent photos of our current team.

Who knew square dancing was a love of Jill’s? Of course Mary did!

A square-dancing instructor was brought it to get the party in line… clearly Jill needed no instruction as she strutted her stuff!

Little did Courtney know that we worked with her friend, Carl, to learn a flash mob dance as her surprise. Our moves were a big hit and the bonding was a blast!

A scrumptious family style dinner was served along with abundant delicious treats and two colossal birthday cakes.

Cheers to a wonderful party and to two amazing women!


Get Creative at Your Next Event!

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

Looking for a fun way to create a splash at your next event? Adding a creative activity might be just what your event needs.

We began this corporate dinner with an interactive art activity and a charitable element tied seamlessly together. Guests arrived at their dinner table topped with Kraft paper and art inspired table décor including floral bouquets in paint cans and tall paint brushes in glass vases.

After a brief introduction, each table received a 2’ x 2’ canvas square with black color-by- number designs, and markers. Teen artists were also available to help guide the guests throughout the activity as well. The coloring then commenced with guests taking turns coloring in each section of the two canvas. After approximately 20 minutes each square was complete! Teams were judged on speed and accuracy. Each team was done with their square, but what did it mean?

When all squares were complete, each table was called up one-by -one to bring their square to the front and mount their piece to this large display board. In doing so they revealed the ultimate art piece and inspirational message Creativity, Unity, Inclusion. Equity, Liberty

The piece was donated that night to the Boys & Girls Club and is proudly displayed on their wall.

At Corinthian Events, we love creating events that are memorable to guests and fit your overall goal impeccably. Need some great ideas? We are full of them!


Elegant Details, Beautiful Logistics

Thursday, February 16th, 2017

There are more logistics to planning a perfectly stunning wedding than meets the eye.

The utmost precision, planning, the right vendors and an extremely hard-working group of people, are all required to ensure all event elements are arranged perfectly in the allotted time frame – especially when a quick flip is involved!

This stunning wedding at the Fairmont Copley Plaza Boston was transformed from the ceremony set-up (pictured on the left) to the reception (pictured on the right) in just 45 minutes! This all took place just steps away while guests enjoyed cocktails and passed hors d’oeuvres!

To ensure that the flip would be executed seamlessly, we started by placing each table in its designated reception spot early in the morning. This allowed us to mark the floors with neutral masking tape that would later be used as a guide. With the tables dropped and the floors marked, we were able to partially set the tables with linens, silverware, and indispensable cheat sheets. These cheat sheets outlined details specific to each table including: chair count, required linens, votives, and florals. With these preliminary tasks accomplished, the tables were swiftly moved out of sight behind tall white drape.

Check out the time-laspe video we took of the day by clicking here. Our favorite part?… Notice the 306 chairs unstack, re-stack, unstack and stack again throughout the video. Team members had to collectively move those chairs 1,224 times!

Want more fun stats!? Check out our flower pie chart!

Reflecting on this day, and the combined hours of work from our team and extended team of vendors to create these 6 hours of wedding bliss, we realized that our vendor-partnerships are a lot like a marriage…

They require trust and commitment – and when we put in hard work – the results are beautiful!


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