A South End Festivity!

December 23, 2015

Below swaying canopies of sheer luminescent fabrics, dancing in dynamic lights of purple, guests were welcomed into the Ben Franklin Institute in the South End for a festive evening.

Upon entry, guests were immediately beckoned by the deep hues of purple, gold and silver enhancing each and every corner of the room. The swags, hanging from the ceiling above, were an added touch to the room’s ambience. Uplighting for this event complimented the designs embellished on the linens and highlighted key areas of the space such as the bar, food stations, candy bar and guest tables.

Scattered throughout the venue were high and low tables, allowing for varied perching and seating.  Metallic alloy and gold stools, were an addition to the tables. The tables were dressed in stylish and chic royal plums and gold fabrics, giving them each holiday touch. Chrome tables were also brought in adding variation while also complimenting the color palette we had instilled and envisioned.

While tables for eating were essential, we wanted the guests to be able to relax and unwind as this was their holiday party. We added additional seating, lounge areas to be exact, providing guests with comfort in sleek loveseats, which also added to the varied selection of seating to choose from.  These areas were placed strategically throughout the space adorned with purple throw pillows which were complimented by metallic chairs.

Glass cocktail tables provided a place for guests to rest their beverages upon when they were not admiring the handcrafted triple bar enveloped in mirror plating. Purple votives with lush, vibrant floral arrangements, as well as glass and metal candleholders were amongst the items placed on the bar. The candle holders in particular, flushed in silver and gold tones reflected off the mirror plating on the bar, adding some height but overall added to enhance the festive look.

This event enjoyed by all in attendance (including our staff along with the wait staff)  is sure to be the standard set for every event in years to come!


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