Bienvenue à Montréal! The 2013 ADMEI Conference

February 15, 2013

La semaine dernière, Jill, Tamara, et Laura se rend à Montréal pour la première conférence ADMEI lieu à l’extérieur des États-Unis.  (Translation: Last week Jill, Tamara, and Laura traveled to Montreal for the first ADMEI conference held outside of the United States).  It was awesome!

While we learned an overwhelming amount, here are our top 10 takeaways from the four days:

1. SmartHunts® are so much fun! Opening with a SmartHunt® executed by Best Teambuilding, we were forced to make fast friends, explore Montréal (in beyond frigid temperatures) and bring back school supplies and warm clothing to be charitably donated.  Much to this blog-writers dismay (and envy) Tamara’s team of Eight Cold Girls won first place!

2. Emmanuelle Legault, Vice President of Marketing at Tourisme Montreal, shared with us the value of marketing the experience of a location.  Using the power of video to sum up the experiences and stories that are generated around a location – everyone becomes an ambassador.  Including this awesome snowboarder who cruised down Montreal’s Mont Royal.  (Speaking of, here’s someone snowboarding right through Beacon Hill last weekend!)

3. To quote our new friend David Adler “DMCs are the unsung heroes of the industry.”

4. Our favorite piece of advice from David Adler?  Think like a summer camp manager from the 1960s!  Market with enthusiasm, social media spreads like wildfire and get guests emotionally involved (it causes the highest renewal rates).

5. Did you know that sending employees to conferences means that you will have employees for life?  It drives innovation, growth and motivation, not to mention activates the brain. And incentives are 2-3 times more productive than cash rewards?!  Yup, we soaked up everything David Adler said.  Let’s get meeting, friends!

6. “Contact is king. Forget about content.” It’s not just about the sessions, it’s talking to the people around you.  David Adler (nope, we still can’t get enough of his wisdom) aptly reiterated that connectivity is the most powerful tool we have; so let’s all get engaged!

Proof that we became fast friends with David Adler, here’s Jill, Laura and Tamara hanging out with BizBash’s top dog.

7. Video mapping. Here’s a very cool example.  We actually have had a meeting that featured this for one of our clients already….we are feeling very ahead of the curve!

8. What’s the newest thing in social media according to Cindy Lo?  Vine!  You may not use it, but we’re taking Cindy’s advice claiming our name.

9. What is sustainability? According to Allen Weidman it’s improving the quality of life by meeting the needs of the present without compromising future generations.  The hotel industry is at the forefront of the sustainability industry.  At some point in the not so distant future all energy consumption is going to be monitored, reported and publicly displayed, giving us an opportunity to make events more sustainable. Let’s get involved in the conversation because this will seriously impact the way we plan.

10. And our favorite part about ADMEI (hands down) – Jill won the Joanne O’Connor Presidents Award!  Joanne O’Connor was the first president of the ADME organization in 1996.  The award is given annually to a member of the current president’s choosing and this year Grant Snider choose Jill!

We can’t wait to see everyone next year in DC – à bientôt!


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