Farewell, CE (a note from Laura)

Friday, August 9th, 2013

Hello, blog fans! It’s Laura here – your Corinthian Events blogger since January 2010 (my very first CE post here – keep partying on, rockstars!).  Today is my last day here, but before I pass our virtual baton on to the next generation of CE bloggers (and they’re very good bloggers, I might add) – I wanted to say a final farewell to all of you via what has been one of my favorite contributions to Corinthian Events in my years here.

Thanks to inspiration and help from the rest of the team, this is my 199th blog post(!).  That means that for the last forty-four months there have been approximately 4.5 posts a month – an exponential growth since 2009! And have you noticed our content has become more exciting than ever!? This (not-so-little) blog is now getting over 1,000 visits a month!

And because I can’t resist a plug for all of our awesome social media outlets (yes, I’ve become rather fond of them too) – we’ve more than doubled our Facebook likes in the last two years.  Twitter was just a hatchling in 2009, but 1,330 tweets later we have 753 followers – thanks, friends!  And my personal favorites, because event planners are visual after all, Instagram and Pinterest have been born and grown out of my time here. My point: if you’re not already, make sure you’re following us – we’re worth it.

What you really need to know is that all of you have helped us to grow our online presence to where we are right now.  To the ladies and gentlemen of Corinthian Events – your events and programs are inspiring, your knowledge of our city is vast and your enthusiasm for sharing with our readers has made consistently posting a breeze.  To our clients who push us to challenge ourselves to always be better, to produce WOW moments and the ultimate New England experiences – you’re the reason we have something to say!  And to our vendors, without you we could never pull off the impossible – you’re the reason we have AWESOME things to say.

Thank you Mary, Jill and Courtney for letting me own your digital voice – it’s just been such a blast.  And so, as I embark on my next professional adventure, I’m signing off. Here’s to a lifelong friendship and many, many posts to come!


Event Planners? You Mean Cake Decorators!

Monday, April 8th, 2013

In case you missed it, Corinthian Events recently turned 13 years old – we’re officially teenagers!  To celebrate we headed to Party Favors in Brookline where we popped the bubbly and learned how to decorate delectable cakes.

After teaching us how to properly frost a cake and techniques for creating frosting decorations (think puppies, piglets and flowers galore) we were left to our own devices.  Using every color under the sun we turned our frosting into ducks, dogs, penguins, daisies, irises and a multitude of borders!

We got pretty creative and although we might not be ready to decorate cakes professionally (weekly lessons, anyone?) we all had a great time!  Cheers to another year of CE!


CE Volunteers: The Women’s Lunch Place

Friday, March 29th, 2013

This week, to celebrate and kick off spring, the Corinthian Events team volunteered to serve lunch at the beautiful, newly renovated, Women’s Lunch Place.   Tucked in the basement of a church at the corner of Berkeley and Newbury Street, you may not even know it is there, but once you’ve spent time at Women’s Lunch Place and met the guests, you’ll never forget your experience!

The Women’s Lunch Place provides a safe, comfortable daytime shelter, nutritious food, and services for women who are homeless or poor.  They treat women with dignity and respect and believe wholeheartedly in fostering a community committed to meeting each woman’s needs wherever she may be in her life.  Open Monday through Saturday from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM, they offer a continental breakfast and lunch.  In addition to meal service, they provide a variety of support services such as a creative arts expressive program, career counseling, housing search support and even a place for the women to shower and do laundry.  The little things in life, the things we may take for granted, are made possible at Women’s Lunch Place.

We arrived mid-morning and got right to work!  Wearing Women’s Lunch Place hats and aprons, we chopped vegetables and prepped the beverage station, just a few of the many tasks needed to make sure we were ready to go when the guests arrived at noon for lunch.  We were busy and it was lunchtime before we knew it!  Committed to treating each woman with respect and dignity, the guests of Women’s Lunch Place are seated at tables decorated with colorful, fresh flowers and served their meal “restaurant-style.”  This practice of bringing each guest her plate makes the women feel special and appreciated, treatment they usually would not receive out on the street.  We are thrilled to have had the chance to meet the guests of Women’s Lunch Place and help make each of their days a little brighter!


A Bouncing Bash: CE’s Holiday Party

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Corinthian Events at Sky Zone Boston

Last Thursday we took to the dodge ball courts at Sky Zone Trampoline Park for our most competitive holiday party yet!  Decked out in our athletic gear, the Corinthian Cobras took on The Bouncers in an epic battle with balls flying EVERYWHERE.  We are psyched that everyone made it out alive (and with limited injuries) and this biased blog writer is especially pleased to say The Bouncers came out on top (thank goodness for our sniper)!

Corinthian Events Holiday Party 2013

Mary was the game MVP – she dodged, she threw, and she caught – keeping her team in the game on so many occasions.  Yup, she’s a dodgeball natural.

Mary Douglas at Sky Zone

Corinthian Events playing dodgeball on trampolines at Sky Zone Boston

Corinthian Events playing dodgeball on trampolines at Sky Zone Boston

Corinthian Events playing dodgeball on trampolines at Sky Zone Boston

Corinthian Events Holiday Party at Sky Zone Boston

Licking our bruises, we ventured over to 28 Degrees for delicious food and dancing (nope, we hadn’t had enough moving around yet).  And, a VIP birthday celebration with Party Favors cupcakes!

Corinthian Events playing dodgeball on trampolines at Sky Zone Boston

Corinthian Events playing dodgeball on trampolines at Sky Zone Boston

Corinthian Events employees Laura Keeler and Ben Brown

Elizabeth and Tyler at the Corinthian Events Holiday Party

With such a fun team, we need to figure out how to celebrate the holiday’s on a monthly basis. Fact.


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