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October 4, 2016

Executing a flawless dine around for 185 people requires careful time management, clear communication, and months of careful planning.

Eleven of Boston’s top restaurants were selected. Working with the chefs and our client, we chose delectable meals which fit the client’s palette from the restaurants’ offerings. Using the pre-selected options, we designed custom branded menus.

In order to travel effectively to the restaurants, guests were separated into small groups assigned to particular restaurants ahead of time.

On the evening of the dine around, guests arrived to find large signage and hand held signs to clearly direct them to their assigned group. Once an entire group was present, counted and confirmed, they were guided into a sprinter. Our staff hopped in as well – and off they went to their restaurant!

Staff stayed at each restaurant, close enough to keep an eye on guests to ensure their every need was attended to. When dessert arrived, their private sprinter pulled close to the restaurant in preparation for a swift departure!

To further illustrate what goes into a dine around of this magnitude… here are the numbers!

185 Guests

17 Well-dressed Staff

We looked mighty slick in our suits!

19 Sprinters full of Guests

Once each sprinter was assigned they stayed close to the restaurant – ready to swing back and pick up their group at a moments notice!

1 Very Important Police Detail

Without a Police Detail we would not have been able to stage all sprinters in the alley next to the hotel which helped ensure very fast pick-ups!

Proper planning allowed our team to work as a well-oiled machine, whisking guests from their hotel to each restaurant. From the first full group to arrive to the last group to walk out the door – we moved all 185 guests from the lobby of the hotel out to their sprinters in under 30 minutes!

One last number?

100 Bottles of Wine drank through the Evening

Cheers to a job well done!


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