Elegant Details, Beautiful Logistics

February 16, 2017

There are more logistics to planning a perfectly stunning wedding than meets the eye.

The utmost precision, planning, the right vendors and an extremely hard-working group of people, are all required to ensure all event elements are arranged perfectly in the allotted time frame – especially when a quick flip is involved!

This stunning wedding at the Fairmont Copley Plaza Boston was transformed from the ceremony set-up (pictured on the left) to the reception (pictured on the right) in just 45 minutes! This all took place just steps away while guests enjoyed cocktails and passed hors d’oeuvres!

To ensure that the flip would be executed seamlessly, we started by placing each table in its designated reception spot early in the morning. This allowed us to mark the floors with neutral masking tape that would later be used as a guide. With the tables dropped and the floors marked, we were able to partially set the tables with linens, silverware, and indispensable cheat sheets. These cheat sheets outlined details specific to each table including: chair count, required linens, votives, and florals. With these preliminary tasks accomplished, the tables were swiftly moved out of sight behind tall white drape.

Check out the time-laspe video we took of the day by clicking here. Our favorite part?… Notice the 306 chairs unstack, re-stack, unstack and stack again throughout the video. Team members had to collectively move those chairs 1,224 times!

Want more fun stats!? Check out our flower pie chart!

Reflecting on this day, and the combined hours of work from our team and extended team of vendors to create these 6 hours of wedding bliss, we realized that our vendor-partnerships are a lot like a marriage…

They require trust and commitment – and when we put in hard work – the results are beautiful!


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