Embrace Your Event Venue Surroundings!

February 4, 2016

When hosting an event, it’s always better to go with the vibe of the event space than against it, which is exactly what we did at the Institute of Contemporary Art. The ICA does an amazing job at highlighting artists that have a unique style, so we decided to highlight some of our favorite unique “artists” at our event! A true artist can take an ordinary item, like a sharpie or a mirror and elevate them into something distinctive.  Similarly, a talented musician with the right ear can reimagine a classic instrument and pair it with contemporary music to give it new life. We never want our guests to experience an ordinary evening and this event was no exception.

Artist Ethan Murrow creates stunning black and white drawings. Instead of using traditional paints, pencils, and brushes, he uses sharpies. You might think “sharpies, what’s so special about that,” but these are no small drawings, and they end up looking like they could be real photographs. Recently at the ICA, he spent two weeks drawing a colossal mural on an entire wall in the museum! It was the perfect masterpiece to set the mood for the rest of the night.

An up-and-coming local Boston musician greeted guests with his talented violin playing, but he wasn’t playing any classical music. Instead, he brings a modern style to the classical instrument by playing songs from a range of popular artists such as The Beatles, Adele, and Drake. Even giving songs dominating the Hip Hop charts an elegant flair.

A mirror with elegant scripted font was used as directional signage to invite guests to take a tour of the gallery space and informed then when the dinner would begin. You can read what time dinner starts AND look at how amazing you look in your outfit, who wouldn’t want that?!

With help from a brilliant local florist company, the centerpieces for the event were anything but ordinary. The company takes simplistic flowers and arranges them to make stunning works of art. Adding height and drama to the tables in the theater with branches and cherry blossoms; reminding us that spring really is right around the corner.

To end the night, ice cream mixologists served tasty ice cream that looks like your average ice cream, but is created using liquid nitrogen! The trained mixologists used their homemade ice cream base, added flavors and mix ins, and froze the mix in liquid nitrogen. Somehow, they’ve made ice cream even more exciting!

We couldn’t be happier to have had our favorite artists share their talents with us at the ICA for the night.


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