Good News!

February 16, 2010

Lucky for lots of us, there are emerging signs of a dwindling recession.  After over a year of cuts throughout the industry, corporate clients are realizing that travel,  incentives and events are absolutely vital to a successful operation.  Meetings Review’s article “Performance Level: Are Overseas Incentives Bouncing Back?” shares the promising results of a study based in the United Kingdom, highlighting that international incentive programs are essential in a challenging economy.  Encouraging top performers through creative incentives has proved to be the most effective reward mechanism for leading corporations like Goodyear Dunlop UK and Shire Pharmaceuticals.

In conjunction with this increase in travel, there are more reasons than ever to visit the historical city of Boston!  In a time where perception is everything, Boston is a destination filled with prestigious educational institutions, a hub of the medical industry and the economic center of New England, meaning your guests will be immersed in sophisticated and intellectual culture, and not perceived as dilly-dallying on the golf course.

The city’s Media & Tourism group has teamed with a slew of popular airlines to feature all that this vibrant and unique city has to offer – winter activities, summer fun, culinary surprises, a sports destination and cultural treats.  Included in the promotions are airlines AirTran, American, Southwest, JetBlue, Porter and Virgin America (which you can take from LA to Boston for $109!).

Pair that deal with all of the history, culture and activities in store upon arrival and it sounds like you’re going to need a capable meeting planner to help with your Boston incentive needs!


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