Out of the Box Décor

November 9, 2016

Re-purposed items lend a creative edge to events – adding out of the box thinking to impress your guests and take your décor to a whole other level.

Used cans for centerpieces – classy. A Pabst Blue Ribbon can with orchids is a light-hearted juxtaposition of taste while the Fanta can is bright and fun!

Instruments are not just for music! We used multi-colored guitars as a major décor element at this Nashville themed event. Guitars hung at different heights and lit from above, were in tune with the ambiance!

Bathtubs of booze! Wine not?

A kiddie pool with beach balls inside – not your average photo op! We filled this inflatable kiddie pool with silver beach balls – mimicking the Flexiball technology on the promoted razor, created custom over-sized razor props and rigged a camera from above. The results? Sharp photos!

Usually all heavy equipment is removed from the ballroom prior to the event… not this time! Watch for falling snow and ice!  This snowstorm gala called for construction vehicles parked in the ballroom – a fabulous bar in a blizzard.

Anything can be décor when logistics, placement, and theme are considered. At Corinthian Events we adore events that stretch the limits of our imagination!


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