Meet the Team: Erin

October 13th, 2016

If you think adventure is dangerous – try routine – its lethal. (Paulo Coelho)

Always an adventurer, if Erin was invisible for a day she would sneak backstage at concerts. Also, if she was mayor, she would forgive all parking tickets… Erin clearly has her priorities straight!

Travel is important to Erin, one of her favorite trips involved going to Ireland, Czech Republic, Austria, and Hungary. Another memorable trip she went bungee jumping in S. Africa! She recalls the jump as one of the hardest things she has ever done.

Interested in going again?

“(I) would never do it again…. It was absolutely the most terrifying experience of my life.”

So is that a maybe? Just kidding!

As one of our newest account managers, Erin helps out on proposals, sharing her creative ideas and sharp wit to inspire the best concepts for our clients.

Team members describe her as a strong addition to the team – she brings intuition, humor and a can-do attitude. Her thorough attention to detail is a welcome asset and her bubbly personality makes her a joy to work with!


Fenway Beer Tasting

October 11th, 2016

Last night at Fenway Park marked the end of an era for many of us Bostonians.

Watching David Ortiz take the field for the last time, as a player, pulled at our heart strings. We cried with him, remembering his incredible career in Boston and feeling a sense of pride in the journey.

Now that the season is over and everyone has gone home, you may think that Fenway just locks the door until next season. Truth is – the park is buzzing with events all year-round.

We  just hosted an awesome event at the park and we would love to share some highlights with you – beer tasting at Fenway Park!


A sneak peak of this event included Boston-based breweries sampling ‘four beer flights’ with 5oz pours of each variety. Guests sampled a flight from any or all breweries that peaked their interest.


Décor was a hit! Hurricane vases filled with baseballs and topped with Red Sox flags sat upon the high tops. Beer tastings definitely don’t need pretty flowers – we used wheat instead in simple vases – they looked perfect on the deep mahogany counters.


A Boston based chalk artist created our signage by hand. He drew the brewery signs and the beer tasting menu signs which adorned the multiple counters. We especially loved the beer mug on the tasting sign – very cute!

Guests enjoyed the ambiance, the location, the beer and to top it off – they loved tours of this legendary park!


Meet the Team: Shira

October 6th, 2016

If Shira were mayor for the day, she would legalize Happy Hour in Boston – this is so perfect! Always on top of what’s new in the city… Shira spends most of her time at Corinthian Events helping our team with proposals. These proposals typically require; researching venues throughout the city, looking into potential vendors, and other important components to suggest to our clients to take their event over the top.

Last week was different. Shira took the reins and executed an event she had spent 3 months preparing for. She led the way in researching and compiling all the details for a dine around for 185 people- and totally rocked it! Check out all the details in the Dine Around blog here.

A native of Pittsford, NY, Shira moved to Boston to follow her dreams of working in the event industry. After joining Corinthian Events in early May as an intern, it didn’t take long to prove herself. Shira quickly earned her place on the team, transitioning to a full time role as a Program Assistant. Way to go!

This past summer, when she wasn’t in the office – she was often at the cape. (So much so that we stopped asking her what her weekend plans were!) She loves being at the beach, relaxing and spending quality time with family.

This will be Shira’s first full winter in Boston. Always looking for something fun – she is hoping to spend her weekends skiing.

We are elated to have Shira on our team. Her diligence and creativity earned herself a full time role at Corinthian Events. We look forward to her continued growth and hope she is looking forward to many more seasons in Boston!


Dine Around Details

October 4th, 2016

Executing a flawless dine around for 185 people requires careful time management, clear communication, and months of careful planning.

Eleven of Boston’s top restaurants were selected. Working with the chefs and our client, we chose delectable meals which fit the client’s palette from the restaurants’ offerings. Using the pre-selected options, we designed custom branded menus.

In order to travel effectively to the restaurants, guests were separated into small groups assigned to particular restaurants ahead of time.

On the evening of the dine around, guests arrived to find large signage and hand held signs to clearly direct them to their assigned group. Once an entire group was present, counted and confirmed, they were guided into a sprinter. Our staff hopped in as well – and off they went to their restaurant!

Staff stayed at each restaurant, close enough to keep an eye on guests to ensure their every need was attended to. When dessert arrived, their private sprinter pulled close to the restaurant in preparation for a swift departure!

To further illustrate what goes into a dine around of this magnitude… here are the numbers!

185 Guests

17 Well-dressed Staff

We looked mighty slick in our suits!

19 Sprinters full of Guests

Once each sprinter was assigned they stayed close to the restaurant – ready to swing back and pick up their group at a moments notice!

1 Very Important Police Detail

Without a Police Detail we would not have been able to stage all sprinters in the alley next to the hotel which helped ensure very fast pick-ups!

Proper planning allowed our team to work as a well-oiled machine, whisking guests from their hotel to each restaurant. From the first full group to arrive to the last group to walk out the door – we moved all 185 guests from the lobby of the hotel out to their sprinters in under 30 minutes!

One last number?

100 Bottles of Wine drank through the Evening

Cheers to a job well done!