Together for Good

February 2nd, 2017

“How do you find the right balance between delivering your message and entertaining your guests at your next event? Merrimack College was able to balance these two goals beautifully at their Together for Good Capital Campaign Kickoff Gala, which took place in the fall of 2016.”

Many organizations struggle deciding how much timing of a fundraising or friend raising event should be allocated toward content and how much time should be dedicated to allowing guests to enjoy, mix and mingle. Is the event a hard sell with your message & goals, or perhaps are they incorporated as a subtler subtext?

Below are a few suggestions of what we think helps find the balance and how these ideas were incorporated into Merrimack College’s event.


Make sure guests feel the night is special by holding your event in a unique space that is new and exciting to guests. As opposed to hosting their event in a gym or building on campus, Corinthian Events suggested creating a large structured tent in the center of campus. Merrimack College agreed that the tent would be a special venue for this event to take place.

Note: Not only did we build a full structure tent for cocktails and dinner, but this tent included full level flooring & was fully heated to ensure the space not only looked great but was also comfortable for guests and functional for the event. There’s nothing worse than uneven walking surfaces or soggy grass to put a damper on the evening!


Make sure your branding and messaging is seen from start to finish, not just the night of the event. Merrimack developed an event logo and messaging for the event that was included in their invitation as well as banners that were put up around campus leading up to the event.

The entire event was designed around the Merrimack logo and colors. The cocktail hour focused on stronger branding with four 8’ tall four-sided totems, large overhead banners and plasma screens with their messaging. Custom cocktail napkins continued the messaging with each drink & hors d ’Oeuvre that was passed to guests.

Moving into the dinner tent, the design continued to be on brand but was elevated to create a more elegant feel. Merrimack’s blue and gold colors were evident in the table design from linens, napkins, florals and menu cards, which continued to reinforce the message with the menu on one side and their messaging on the other.


Wherever possible, try and bring elements of your organization into the event. Instead of hiring professional musicians, we utilized Merrimack’s student jazz ensemble making entertainment a bit more personal. Speakers reinforced the messaging, and in addition, we incorporated four pop-up vignettes of student & alumni speakers who discussed their personal experience at Merrimack, again making the messaging more personal and specific to the organization.


Although the messaging is sometimes the planners’ ultimate goal to deliver, it is important to also leave ample time for food & beverage service and chat time among guests. It is also imperative to deliver a delicious meal with impeccable service as this will reflect on the overall guest experience.


Meet & Greet: Arrivals at Logan

January 31st, 2017

First impressions are everything when your guests touch ground.

Whether you have 10 or 500 guests, finding the right vendor to partner with for your meet and greet services is crucial to the success of any program. Your guests’ arrival at the airport is their first impression of what the program will entail and we strive to make sure it’s a memorable welcome.

Chauffeurs can’t leave their vehicles at Logan International Airport, therefore additional team members are utilized to ensure a smooth transition for arrivals. Our meet and greet service includes a professionally attired and knowledgeable greeter, ready at baggage claim, holding a sign with either your company logo or their name; whichever is more appropriate for your group. In addition, guests are given our phone number so they have direct communication with us should they have trouble finding their greeter.

For clients, we make airport transportation look like a breeze.  We take the guests flight details, both arrivals and departures, and we break them out into a cohesive manifest.  We group guests together where possible to save on overall costs, always making sure no guest is stuck waiting.  If a flight is early or delayed, we can quickly adjust vehicles accordingly.

Logan International Airport is conveniently located in East Boston, just a short transfer to downtown Boston.  So no matter where their destination may be located in Boston a quick transfer from the airport is always obtainable.

With our vast knowledge of the city we know when we need permits, police details, etc. which makes the arrival and departure process on the curb a smooth experience for all!


Dining Around

January 26th, 2017

What do you call whisking 200 people to 11 restaurants using 15 vehicles and 18 staff within 15 minutes? Some may call it impossible- we call it a Dine-Around!

Planning a dine-around can be fun for those on our team who have a knack for logistics, details and solving puzzles. The process involves a lot of back and forth; confirming details, using intuition and experience to make restaurant recommendations, menu & wine selections, transportation suggestions and negotiate timing between the parties involved.

We have great restaurant relations, amazing transportation logistics and our team really enjoys them: We are Boston’s dine-around experts!


Walking in a Winter Wonderland

January 24th, 2017

Snow has not been falling much in Boston but that won’t stop us from creating a glittery winter wonderland fit for us snow-loving New-Englanders!

This winter wonderland party filled with cool weather sports contained everything we love about winter; glittery silver décor, ice skating, curling, and holiday sweets without any of the cold!

We used special synthetic material for the curling lanes on the left and ice skating rink on the right to create a surface like ice to the guests delight! Pattern wash of snowflakes were utilized as well, a simple yet fun addition to our wintery theme.

Seasonal florals were placed on long tables filled with holiday greenery, purple and white florals to complement the overall décor.  Silver reindeer stood among the florals along with festive mercury votive.

Assorted sweets including cupcakes, chocolate mousse, chocolate bark, macaroons, and other delicious treats filled this hammered metal spherical display. Guests indulged in the decadence and their energy to head back to the activities!

As musical entertainment kept the party going, one special aspect was featuring “Dueling Pianos”, which is a local Boston favorite that will perform a variety of hits that will surely entertain the guests and gets them to laugh, sing and clap together.

Winter sports without the cold, sparkly décor, delicious treats, and dueling pianos – who would wish for a more wonderful winter wonderland?