Cheers to a Great Year!

December 22nd, 2016

Teamwork: because none of us are as bad ass as all of us combined.

Each year, our amazing partners organize a holiday outing for our team to enjoy each other’s company and let loose! With so many new additions to the team, some of us were unsure what to expect.

Many of the details were left a mystery. We were given snippets of information in order to come prepared:

  • Wear warm clothing
  • Pack a change of clothes
  • Write a toast to share
  • Bring a gift

We started our day with curling – learned the basics; the thrower releases the stone and sweepers sweep the ice to encourage the stone to move faster. After a bit of instruction (and some practice) we moved onto a friendly competition… bring it on!

Our teams were preselected which gave us the opportunity to coordinate. Clearly the ‘Cat in the Hat’ team came prepared!

Jamie, Senior Account Manager at Corinthian Events and second from the right in the picture above shared, “My favorite part of the day was Curling, I didn’t know what to expect and learning the technique was a little nerve-wracking but once we all got the hang of it, it was quite fun! (minus our freezing toes)”

After a couple hours on the ice, we were all ready to get warm.

After a quick change, we warmed up with champagne and passed hors d’oeuvres.

A favorite bite? The seared tuna served on sesame crackers, topped with wasabi and caviar were divine!

When Courtney, Partner at Corinthian Events – seen on the far left, was asked to choose her favorite part of the day she answered that it was the 6 hours celebrating a great year with truly amazing peeps!

Indeed… The whole day was fabulous!

On to our meal…  Décor, designed by our Director, Tamara, for our plated lunch was woodland and warm; moss green tufted linens, golden pine cones, gold antler candle holders, and pine trimmings with elegant white flowers.

On each of our chairs was a surprise gift from the partners which included a Corinthian Events logo embroidered rain jacket, a warm plaid scarf, and a small leather business card pouch.

Once everyone got settled it was time for toasts which ran the gamut from heartfelt to funny. Some team members wrote traditional toasts while others sang their piece. This ‘2016 newbie crew’ made up of (from left to right), Andrew, Erin, Claudia, Dawn and Sarah rapped their toast to Kanye’s runaway.

“Let’s have a toast to the vendors, let’s have a toast to the partners…”

Andrew, Account Manager and integral part of the ‘2016 newbie crew’ felt that the toasts provided a ‘feel-good’ moment each time another person or group shared.

Natalie, Office & Outreach Coordinator, seen here taking pride in a shout-out. She later gushed that “the most meaningful part of the day to me was to hear everyone’s speeches.”

Shira, Program Assistant at Corinthian Events admitted that she was nervous before giving her toast (this was her first year), but as the rising star she is – she knocked it out of the park. She even reflected after that hearing from one another was one of her favorite moments during our outing.

Jenni and Megan (left picture), both Senior Account Managers at Corinthian Events sang their toast for a second year in a row and Elizabeth (right picture), a Director, gave a heartfelt toast. She singled out each teammate, sharing a connection or appreciation for them. Cheers!

The meaningful, heartfelt and clever toasts continued. Mary, Partner at Corinthian Events, wrote a seriously funny story. Written in the theme of our holiday card, had everyone laughing whole-heartedly at the connections she made as she fit each person into her ‘magical’ story.

The ‘yankee swap’ came next… which included a healthy dose of stealing some of the ‘hot’ gifts including an Eataly gift card and bread basket. The most original gift was Erin’s gift which Claudia picked, a name plate which reads, “What would Beyoncé do?”

Reflecting on a wonderful day, Tamara, Director at Corinthian events, said, “I love that we all feel the same about Corinthian Events… that everyone is family and we share the sentiment: work hard, play hard with passion and perfection!”

Cheers to a successful year and Happy Holidays to all our clients, vendors, venues and everyone who has made this a wonderful year to remember!


2nd Annual Cookie Party

December 13th, 2016

Sometimes me think. “What is friend?” and then me say, “friend is someone to share last cookie with.” – Cookie Monster

Tamara O’Malley, director at Corinthian Events, graciously hosted our Corinthian Events 2nd Annual Cookie Party at her home in Foxboro, MA. Last year’s cookie party was such a hit, in anticipation of this year’s party, most of the team wanted to get involved!

Each of the 15 competing bakers – of course we need some competition! – brought one display cookie, a few cookies to cut and put on small plates for tasting, and a set of packaged cookies for each baker to go home with. Once all attendees were present, we tasted and voted on 3 categories – best taste, best presentation and most Christmas spirit!

And the winners were… (drumroll please!) .. for best taste – Claudia Hankowski (Account Manager)! She created a Nutella infused cookie with 3 different kinds of chocolate AND a Nutella filling.

The best presentation cookie winner was Sarah Waters, Social Media & Graphic Design Coordinator. Sarah designs print and digital collateral for our events so this was not unexpected – her cookie is the top right sparkly snowflake cookie with marbled white chocolate.

Most Christmas spirit? Elizabeth Trofatter, Director at Corinthian Events. Elizabeth won this category with her homemade thin mint cookie covered in white chocolate and sprinkled with bits of candy cane – yum!

Wishing you a sweet holiday season with good friends… cheers to another successful cookie party!


Opening Reception at Parc

December 8th, 2016

Live Greatly

Parc Westborough is a luxury apartment community in picturesque Westborough, MA. To celebrate completion of the property and encourage current and potential residents to meet and mingle, an ‘Opening Reception’ was planned!

Our team at Corinthian Events worked with Parc Westborough to design and coordinate décor, food and beverages, entertainment, and activities for guests, ensuring their team was free to mix and mingle.

The ambiance of the evening was set in their contemporary clubhouse with gorgeous white florals in simple yet sophisticated white vases, and frosted green votives for soft lighting dispersed throughout the room. An acoustic duo playing popular songs created a lively atmosphere entertaining guests.

The goal for the opening reception included showcasing the property and encouraging guests to check out various spaces including the fitness center, the clubhouse, and a stunning model apartment.

Guests were encouraged to flow throughout the property with added activities such as a photo booth in the fitness center and nitrogen ice cream demonstration in the model apartment – it was very cool!

Custom signage was created to ensure guests found their way – and many of the signs were designed to be re-purposed and reused.

Custom napkins and glasses designed with Parc Westborough’s logo were given to guests attending the reception.

Rain was in the forecast but we lucked out with clear skies and comfortable weather as a perfect backdrop to an elegant community.

With ambiance set and logistics handed, the Parc Westborough team enjoyed an evening of meeting, mingling and giving tours to potential and future residents.


Fun Run

December 6th, 2016

The team that runs together…

Last Saturday, 9 of our Corinthian Events team (including family) members woke up bright and early and got in gear to run the Jingle Bell Run around Castle Island in South Boston, hosted by SBCA (South Boston Catholic Academy). The festive team included (from top left to right) Natalie Prentiss, Brian Woonton, Megan Woonton, Shira Brandt, Jamie Hellesen, Micha Brooks, Ryan Brooks, Sarah Waters and her dog- Raja.

We met at the start line to motivate each other then, with the starting bell rung, we were on our way individually – each working at our own pace – braving the cold to attempt personal records. The course loop was run on sidewalks around Castle Island- it was a clear day with great views. With the course being fairly flat, we could take in the gorgeous views of the Boston skyline.

Biggest challenge? All of us struggled with the wind between miles 2 and 3. It was very strong off the water. Megan commented that she thought she was glad she didn’t get blown away!

Even though we ran apart, as each of us finished we stayed at the finish line to cheer each other on.

We had a ball completing a challenge together. And, even with the tough wind – we all made great time – most of us even hit personal records.

Favorite part? While the race was fun… after the race – spending time to get to know each other better was the highlight of the day!