Snow in the Fairmont Copley Ballroom!

January 4, 2012

With “Winter Wonderland” 2011’s holiday decor inspiration of choice, this season, we added the ballroom at the Fairmont Copley Place to our list of frosty yet elegant transformations.  Passing through a white carpeted forest of birch, guests found themselves in a ballroom brought to life.  Tables glittered and glistened with soft candlelight and reflective crystal strings; soft seating areas were plush with platinum furniture and enhanced with soft lighting.  Then, before guests eyes, it began to snow right inside the ballroom!  The stagnant decor (in the form of stilted human birch trees) came to life as snowflakes fell from the ceiling.  A birch tree gave a wink as the silver “tree” central on the iconic mirror bar magnificently ruffled her leaves…

Reminiscent of a classic winter wonderland, this modern and elegant interpretation of this theme allowed for an interactive evening of dancing, lounging, eating, and celebrating.  A photo station set behind a sheered-off section of the Fairmont Copley ballroom called “Frozen Memories” allowed guests to have their photo taken and then inserted into a snow globe for a festive holiday take-away.  Cake pops decorated with flavorful snowflakes were abundant as guests brought red velvet, chocolate, and vanilla bites homes with them!

Holiday Party Snow at the Fairmont Copley Ballroom


2 Responses to “Snow in the Fairmont Copley Ballroom!”

  1. Hi Sandi,

    For the falling snow lighting we worked with a local lighting company here in Boston to create the effect with lighting equipment. I suggest you reach out to a local lighting company near you, show them our picture, and inquire about how to accomplish it. It may be more cost-effective to have them set it up for you. They also may be able to direct you towards purchasing the proper equipment. Best of Luck!

  2. sandi heyer says:

    Hi, we are a nonprofit in Los Angeles serving abused kids. We would like to do a winter wonderland theme this year and hoping you would share with us what equipment you used to create the “falling snow” lighting? We would like to purchase a setup for the falling snow flakes since we do a holiday party for the kids each year :) Thanks

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