So you’re visiting Boston…

August 29, 2012

…and you want to enjoy one of the best seaside strolls while working up an appetite for a legendary Sullivan’s hot dog and ice cream cone.  Come visit Castle Island in South Boston!

Head to the home of Tamara, South Boston, where the 22 acre coastal park, Castle Island, is located.  This area boasts stunning views of the city, the Atlantic, Logan airport, and the JFK library.  You are sure to see a sailboat or ship floating by and certainly bound to hear a plane overhead.  The three mile paved path that extends right out into the water is a great place to enjoy a run or a leisurely stroll.  You might also be interested in visiting Fort Independence.  Built between 1834 and 1851 this pentagonal shaped fort was built for harbor defense of Boston.  This fort is the oldest continuously fortified site of English origin in the United States.

After exploring, it’s time to eat!  Sullivan’s has been a staple on Castle Island since 1951.  The original owner Dan Sullivan Sr.’s motto of “great food at a reasonable price” has remained true throughout all these years.  This family run operation is open from late February to late November, so be sure to stop in for a bite!


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