The Wisdom of Morning Huddle

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

Every week we have morning huddles led by a different team member to inspire us and welcome us to each new day. Monday’s bit of wisdom was shared by Dawn Mogardo, Account Manager at Corinthian Events. She shared the quote, “Either you run the day, or the day runs you!”

This quote was especially fitting because while it is a lot of fun to come back and see the team after a long Holiday weekend – being away from email for 4 whole days (well, mostly away from it) – can cause a bit of a backlog. And, getting organized for a new week can be daunting when we are playing catch-up.

What is our go to tip at Corinthian Events for getting organized?

Dawn shares – “LISTS!! I have a to do list on my desktop that I am constantly updating throughout the day to make sure I am on top of everything. Especially in events where there are so many details, it is sometimes a challenge to keep track of every small thing you need to take care of, so I make sure to write them down and I don’t take them off my list until they are done.”

Dawn isn’t alone in this…  Natalie Prentiss, Outreach & Marketing Coordinator at Corinthian Events agrees adding, “I make a list of everything I need to get done for the week. I organize my list by putting the most time sensitive projects at the top and always keeping great notes of my progress to ensure I don’t waste a moment finding my place.”

Shira Brandt, Program Assistant also uses lists sharing, “I make a to do list and take a step back to think about everything that needs to get done, prioritizing is really key and allowing myself to stay calm during it all – knowing that I will get it all finished helps me from letting the quantity of tasks impact that quality of my work.”

Talk about taking it up a notch – Erin Phinney, Account Manager, shares that she uses color coded lists, numerical lists, calendars, lists for my lists… “It’s the only way to keep things in check when life gets busy!”

Staying ahead can be a challenge in our fast-paced industry. Today’s wisdom?.. Use lists!


Inspiration Season!

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

Decor makes a statement. Themes tell a story.

With Halloween around the corner, inspiration is all around for costumes, décor, and for us at Corinthian Events – themes! As we experience another season of spectacular ideas, we reminisce on some of our favorite themed events through the years!

Joker inspired chair covers, royal feather centerpieces and roving performers in regalia took this Mardi Gras themed fundraising gala over the top! Guests immerse themselves in the celebration – and charity – adorned in carnival attire!

Boston is our home base – and with that comes a love of lobster, baseball and of course – history. We hosted a ‘Neighborhoods of Boston’ event at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center and just couldn’t help ourselves from adding a period appropriate band of fife and drums!

I suppose the wicked witch of the west would have been honored to have been smooshed at such a classy location as the Fairmount Copley for a Wizard of Oz inspired gala. We created a gorgeous Ruby Red room for the cocktail reception and allowed guests to flow into the Emerald (green) room as well!

Dorothy may not have wanted to head back to Kansas if this was the Emerald City she found! Just breathtaking!

Keep your eyes open this season to all the inspiration around you and Happy Halloween!


Dine Around Details

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

Executing a flawless dine around for 185 people requires careful time management, clear communication, and months of careful planning.

Eleven of Boston’s top restaurants were selected. Working with the chefs and our client, we chose delectable meals which fit the client’s palette from the restaurants’ offerings. Using the pre-selected options, we designed custom branded menus.

In order to travel effectively to the restaurants, guests were separated into small groups assigned to particular restaurants ahead of time.

On the evening of the dine around, guests arrived to find large signage and hand held signs to clearly direct them to their assigned group. Once an entire group was present, counted and confirmed, they were guided into a sprinter. Our staff hopped in as well – and off they went to their restaurant!

Staff stayed at each restaurant, close enough to keep an eye on guests to ensure their every need was attended to. When dessert arrived, their private sprinter pulled close to the restaurant in preparation for a swift departure!

To further illustrate what goes into a dine around of this magnitude… here are the numbers!

185 Guests

17 Well-dressed Staff

We looked mighty slick in our suits!

19 Sprinters full of Guests

Once each sprinter was assigned they stayed close to the restaurant – ready to swing back and pick up their group at a moments notice!

1 Very Important Police Detail

Without a Police Detail we would not have been able to stage all sprinters in the alley next to the hotel which helped ensure very fast pick-ups!

Proper planning allowed our team to work as a well-oiled machine, whisking guests from their hotel to each restaurant. From the first full group to arrive to the last group to walk out the door – we moved all 185 guests from the lobby of the hotel out to their sprinters in under 30 minutes!

One last number?

100 Bottles of Wine drank through the Evening

Cheers to a job well done!


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