Get Creative at Your Next Event!

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

Looking for a fun way to create a splash at your next event? Adding a creative activity might be just what your event needs.

We began this corporate dinner with an interactive art activity and a charitable element tied seamlessly together. Guests arrived at their dinner table topped with Kraft paper and art inspired table décor including floral bouquets in paint cans and tall paint brushes in glass vases.

After a brief introduction, each table received a 2’ x 2’ canvas square with black color-by- number designs, and markers. Teen artists were also available to help guide the guests throughout the activity as well. The coloring then commenced with guests taking turns coloring in each section of the two canvas. After approximately 20 minutes each square was complete! Teams were judged on speed and accuracy. Each team was done with their square, but what did it mean?

When all squares were complete, each table was called up one-by -one to bring their square to the front and mount their piece to this large display board. In doing so they revealed the ultimate art piece and inspirational message Creativity, Unity, Inclusion. Equity, Liberty

The piece was donated that night to the Boys & Girls Club and is proudly displayed on their wall.

At Corinthian Events, we love creating events that are memorable to guests and fit your overall goal impeccably. Need some great ideas? We are full of them!


Out of the Box Décor

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

Re-purposed items lend a creative edge to events – adding out of the box thinking to impress your guests and take your décor to a whole other level.

Used cans for centerpieces – classy. A Pabst Blue Ribbon can with orchids is a light-hearted juxtaposition of taste while the Fanta can is bright and fun!

Instruments are not just for music! We used multi-colored guitars as a major décor element at this Nashville themed event. Guitars hung at different heights and lit from above, were in tune with the ambiance!

Bathtubs of booze! Wine not?

A kiddie pool with beach balls inside – not your average photo op! We filled this inflatable kiddie pool with silver beach balls – mimicking the Flexiball technology on the promoted razor, created custom over-sized razor props and rigged a camera from above. The results? Sharp photos!

Usually all heavy equipment is removed from the ballroom prior to the event… not this time! Watch for falling snow and ice!  This snowstorm gala called for construction vehicles parked in the ballroom – a fabulous bar in a blizzard.

Anything can be décor when logistics, placement, and theme are considered. At Corinthian Events we adore events that stretch the limits of our imagination!


Inspiration Season!

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

Decor makes a statement. Themes tell a story.

With Halloween around the corner, inspiration is all around for costumes, décor, and for us at Corinthian Events – themes! As we experience another season of spectacular ideas, we reminisce on some of our favorite themed events through the years!

Joker inspired chair covers, royal feather centerpieces and roving performers in regalia took this Mardi Gras themed fundraising gala over the top! Guests immerse themselves in the celebration – and charity – adorned in carnival attire!

Boston is our home base – and with that comes a love of lobster, baseball and of course – history. We hosted a ‘Neighborhoods of Boston’ event at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center and just couldn’t help ourselves from adding a period appropriate band of fife and drums!

I suppose the wicked witch of the west would have been honored to have been smooshed at such a classy location as the Fairmount Copley for a Wizard of Oz inspired gala. We created a gorgeous Ruby Red room for the cocktail reception and allowed guests to flow into the Emerald (green) room as well!

Dorothy may not have wanted to head back to Kansas if this was the Emerald City she found! Just breathtaking!

Keep your eyes open this season to all the inspiration around you and Happy Halloween!


Setting the Scene

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

A Presidential themed gala at the Fairmont Copley Plaza brings to mind when John F. Kennedy was president and the Kennedy’s were considered New England royalty.

Inspired by the 1960s and the classy dinners the Kennedy’s hosted while in office we chose deep navy linens with gold scrollwork. White hydrangeas and white roses filled rectangular gold vases along with gold votives, which elevated the décor, and bright white plates and napkins added simple elegance.

If you swoon over the 60’s you’ll adore the Mad Men inspired cocktail reception that preceded our gala.

Mid-century modern soft seating was selected, along with a fabulous shag rug, potted palms, perimeter uplighting, and one of a kind vintage details transported our guests.

Finding the right balance when designing an era into a modern space is all about the details! This coffee table is sleek and clean, while the golden peacocks are just perfectly glam.

Vintage inspired candy “cigarettes” featured in vintage ash trays really set the scene. These candy cigarettes were also displayed in martini glasses on high cocktail tables. Guests took part in some sweet puffing before heading into the gala.

Here is a real working vintage phone we used as a prop by the couches. I’m sure the kids these days wouldn’t know what to do with this relic!

Everyone had a blast getting into character. A roving Marilyn Monroe impersonator mingled with guests, staff wore ‘Kennedy for President’ buttons, and most of the attendees dressed the part as well!


Setting the scene takes details, planning and the right location! The venue, Fairmont Copley Boston is steeped in history and beaming with classic charm, it was the perfect venue for this 60’s cocktail affair and gala!


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