Jill Tate, DMCP Speaks at ADMEI 2016

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

Jill Tate, DMCP - Presenting for Corinthian Events at ADMEI in Oklahoma City

Jill Tate, DMCP is one of the three partners who own Corinthian Events. Recently, she had the opportunity to speak at the Association of Destination Management Executives International (ADMEI)’s annual conference. Here’s a little bit from Jill on her experience:

I was recently invited to speak as part of small panel on Risk Assessment and Management at the ADMEI Conference in Oklahoma City.  It is always a true honor to be asked and I made sure to carefully prepare on the most current best practices.  Sharing the stage with a couple of REALLY experienced security folks (Ed Dickson, President, MSA Investigations and Leon Gillum, Director of Safety & Security, Oklahoma City National Memorial), I felt it was key to bring an experienced DMC voice to the podium.

Speaking to your peers can be incredibly nerve racking!  Do they know more than I do?  Will they agree with what I am telling them?  Will they find value in what I am saying?  Will they like me?  Well after all of my preparations, I am glad to say that the session was a success … whew!

When you’re planning your next event, bringing on a local Destination Management Company (DMC) like us here at Corinthian Events enables you to add this level of preparedness to every event. By thinking through the many things that could happen, and by talking through the chain of command and all the what-if’s and reactive moments, we can proactively protect each and every aspect of a program to the best of our ability. Like they say in the Boy Scout motto – Always Be Prepared!



Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

Corinthian Events DMC Staff for Dine Around

Over 30 Corinthian Events staff stood at attention holding signs and waiting for approximately 250 guests to depart the Intercontinental Hotel.  28 Sprinter Vans were carefully staged adjacent to the hotel to whisk guests away to the top restaurants in Boston.  Together with one of our preferred transportation partners and the best logistics team around, we made this look easy.

Working as an extension of our client’s planning team we considered each and every detail; time of day, curb space at the hotel, vehicle staging space, traffic patterns, walking patterns, signage, and even more. Our transportation and guests left the Intercontinental Hotel like an elegantly choreographed ballet.

Creating events with amazing décor and entertainment poses its challenges for sure, but moving this many people through Boston without a hitch was quite a feat!

A big thank you to our partners at the Intercontinental Hotel, LTI, Boston Police and our amazing team for a successful evening for all.


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