Fun Run

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

The team that runs together…

Last Saturday, 9 of our Corinthian Events team (including family) members woke up bright and early and got in gear to run the Jingle Bell Run around Castle Island in South Boston, hosted by SBCA (South Boston Catholic Academy). The festive team included (from top left to right) Natalie Prentiss, Brian Woonton, Megan Woonton, Shira Brandt, Jamie Hellesen, Micha Brooks, Ryan Brooks, Sarah Waters and her dog- Raja.

We met at the start line to motivate each other then, with the starting bell rung, we were on our way individually – each working at our own pace – braving the cold to attempt personal records. The course loop was run on sidewalks around Castle Island- it was a clear day with great views. With the course being fairly flat, we could take in the gorgeous views of the Boston skyline.

Biggest challenge? All of us struggled with the wind between miles 2 and 3. It was very strong off the water. Megan commented that she thought she was glad she didn’t get blown away!

Even though we ran apart, as each of us finished we stayed at the finish line to cheer each other on.

We had a ball completing a challenge together. And, even with the tough wind – we all made great time – most of us even hit personal records.

Favorite part? While the race was fun… after the race – spending time to get to know each other better was the highlight of the day!


The Wisdom of Morning Huddle

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

Every week we have morning huddles led by a different team member to inspire us and welcome us to each new day. Monday’s bit of wisdom was shared by Dawn Mogardo, Account Manager at Corinthian Events. She shared the quote, “Either you run the day, or the day runs you!”

This quote was especially fitting because while it is a lot of fun to come back and see the team after a long Holiday weekend – being away from email for 4 whole days (well, mostly away from it) – can cause a bit of a backlog. And, getting organized for a new week can be daunting when we are playing catch-up.

What is our go to tip at Corinthian Events for getting organized?

Dawn shares – “LISTS!! I have a to do list on my desktop that I am constantly updating throughout the day to make sure I am on top of everything. Especially in events where there are so many details, it is sometimes a challenge to keep track of every small thing you need to take care of, so I make sure to write them down and I don’t take them off my list until they are done.”

Dawn isn’t alone in this…  Natalie Prentiss, Outreach & Marketing Coordinator at Corinthian Events agrees adding, “I make a list of everything I need to get done for the week. I organize my list by putting the most time sensitive projects at the top and always keeping great notes of my progress to ensure I don’t waste a moment finding my place.”

Shira Brandt, Program Assistant also uses lists sharing, “I make a to do list and take a step back to think about everything that needs to get done, prioritizing is really key and allowing myself to stay calm during it all – knowing that I will get it all finished helps me from letting the quantity of tasks impact that quality of my work.”

Talk about taking it up a notch – Erin Phinney, Account Manager, shares that she uses color coded lists, numerical lists, calendars, lists for my lists… “It’s the only way to keep things in check when life gets busy!”

Staying ahead can be a challenge in our fast-paced industry. Today’s wisdom?.. Use lists!


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