Meet the Team: Elizabeth

Thursday, January 5th, 2017

Talented. Detail Oriented. Successful.

You may know her as Elizabeth Iannessa… but this Director at Corinthian Events is now officially Elizabeth Trofatter, CMP. Her now husband, Tyler, is a professional lighting designer, and yes – they met on the job!

Creativity runs deep for Elizabeth. Jill, Partner at Corinthian Events shared, “Elizabeth is creative, vivacious and has a keen décor eye.  She is passionate about our brand and the quality events that have become known as the Corinthian Way.”

Elizabeth’s aesthetic is slightly quirky in the most wonderful of ways. You may not expect this but she has a deep fascination with the circus: the weirder the better! “I always dreamed of being a contortionist in Cirque de Soleil,” Elizabeth gushed, “(but) I think that ship has sailed!”

This love of circus bubbles up when given the opportunity. Most recently, she designed a “Midnight on the Boardwalk” themed holiday party which was a high-end interpretation of old-world carnival with Tim Burton-esque elements and vaudeville flair. Check out pictures and learn more about the event by clicking here.

Elizabeth is passionate about life. She first started with Corinthian Events in 2007, yet her love of adventure drew her to take a brief hiatus – and move to Italy! During this period, she took a professional culinary course in Rome, worked in hospitality, and traveled around Europe.

Upon returning to the United States, she rejoined the Corinthian Events team in 2011 and obtained her CMP (Certified Meeting Professional) in 2013.  She was elevated to the position of Director in 2015.

At the office, she spends most her time working with clients, planning strategically with our internal team and our vendor partners, making floorplans, designing spaces, thinking creatively, ensuring quality control, managing production schedules and inspiring the team to elevate the brand to new heights.

Elizabeth admitted while she considers her focus on details a valued skill in the office she added, “I probably drive everyone crazy with my method but I really like things done a certain way as it has proven to serve our clients well over the years.”

Not to worry Elizabeth… Jamie, Senior Account Manager confirmed, “Elizabeth’s attention to detail is her strongest asset!”

Outside of the office, you can find Elizabeth practicing yoga, traveling, cooking, enjoying her first year of marriage with her husband, and spending time with family whenever possible.

Her family is very important to her and she is close with her mom, dad and brother.

We are lucky to have Elizabeth and all her creativity and energy on our team!

“Elizabeth and I always have fun working together!” Megan, Senior Account Manager beamed, “Whether we are working on the same event or not, we always use each other to bounce ideas back and forth and collaborate on design concepts and logistics.”

Maureen, Castle Venue Manager at Corinthian Events shared, “Elizabeth is extraordinarily talented and knowledgeable but one of the things I love most about her is her enthusiasm. She literally lights up on site as she is pulling all the elements together!”

Aside from her immense talents, a favorite contribution from Elizabeth is her laugh. Megan and Micha, both Senior Account Managers added, “Her laugh is infectious!” She can be on the other side of the office from you and if you hear her laughter you can’t help but join in!

Tamara, Director at Corinthian Events affirmed, “Corinthian Events is better with Elizabeth on our team because she drinks the ‘Corinthian Events Kool-Aid!’ She is 100% dedicated to Corinthian Events and our brand oozes through in every service she provides and event she produces!”


Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 29th, 2016

New Year’s resolutions are like events: they are fun to imagine but can be challenging to execute.

In the United States, about 45% of people make New Year’s resolutions. The three most popular resolutions (in order of popularity) are to lose weight, get organized, and spend less (while saving more). Out of those people who do create resolutions only about 46% remain diligent in their resolution by the time it’s half way through the new year. *

Out of those surveyed in our Corinthian Events office, about 66% of the team create resolutions and with a 75% success rate on at least 1 of their resolutions from a previous year. No surprise here really, as a team of event planners we are an organized bunch of go-getters!

“I always set myself goals for the year ahead,” shared Micha, Senior Account Manager at Corinthian Events. She went on to explain, “It gives me focus and direction. I make sure to devote time and energy towards meeting (or surpassing) my goals throughout the year!” This year Micha is still finalizing details for her goals but they will include growing professionally, redesigning one of the bathrooms in her home, and being better with meal prep to eat healthier.

Erin, Account Manager at Corinthian Events admits that she doesn’t ever create a formal resolution yet tries to enter each year as a more thankful and kind person. Kudos Erin! Jill, Partner at Corinthian Events shares a similar sentiment while she looks to the new year as a new beginning filled with new possibilities.

Shira, Program Assistant at Corinthian Events acknowledged that often her resolutions are not so concrete but that this past year she had created some big goals and she definitely succeeded at them. Shira explained, “my goals included graduating from college, getting a job, and enjoying Boston enough to want to stay and work here. Not only did I graduate, find a job and stay in Boston- but I’ve found a job I love coming to every day and I LOVE Boston!

For many of the team, small adjustments are the focus for each year; whether its losing a few pounds or spending more time with family – each small goal helps us stay on track to enjoy each new year a bit more than the last.

For Claudia, Account Manager at Corinthian Events, she always creates a resolution but jokes that she tends to forget all about it a week into the new year. Game plan for this year? “Trying to remember my resolutions!”

Happy New Year!

*Data sourced from


2nd Annual Cookie Party

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

Sometimes me think. “What is friend?” and then me say, “friend is someone to share last cookie with.” – Cookie Monster

Tamara O’Malley, director at Corinthian Events, graciously hosted our Corinthian Events 2nd Annual Cookie Party at her home in Foxboro, MA. Last year’s cookie party was such a hit, in anticipation of this year’s party, most of the team wanted to get involved!

Each of the 15 competing bakers – of course we need some competition! – brought one display cookie, a few cookies to cut and put on small plates for tasting, and a set of packaged cookies for each baker to go home with. Once all attendees were present, we tasted and voted on 3 categories – best taste, best presentation and most Christmas spirit!

And the winners were… (drumroll please!) .. for best taste – Claudia Hankowski (Account Manager)! She created a Nutella infused cookie with 3 different kinds of chocolate AND a Nutella filling.

The best presentation cookie winner was Sarah Waters, Social Media & Graphic Design Coordinator. Sarah designs print and digital collateral for our events so this was not unexpected – her cookie is the top right sparkly snowflake cookie with marbled white chocolate.

Most Christmas spirit? Elizabeth Trofatter, Director at Corinthian Events. Elizabeth won this category with her homemade thin mint cookie covered in white chocolate and sprinkled with bits of candy cane – yum!

Wishing you a sweet holiday season with good friends… cheers to another successful cookie party!


Fun Run

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

The team that runs together…

Last Saturday, 9 of our Corinthian Events team (including family) members woke up bright and early and got in gear to run the Jingle Bell Run around Castle Island in South Boston, hosted by SBCA (South Boston Catholic Academy). The festive team included (from top left to right) Natalie Prentiss, Brian Woonton, Megan Woonton, Shira Brandt, Jamie Hellesen, Micha Brooks, Ryan Brooks, Sarah Waters and her dog- Raja.

We met at the start line to motivate each other then, with the starting bell rung, we were on our way individually – each working at our own pace – braving the cold to attempt personal records. The course loop was run on sidewalks around Castle Island- it was a clear day with great views. With the course being fairly flat, we could take in the gorgeous views of the Boston skyline.

Biggest challenge? All of us struggled with the wind between miles 2 and 3. It was very strong off the water. Megan commented that she thought she was glad she didn’t get blown away!

Even though we ran apart, as each of us finished we stayed at the finish line to cheer each other on.

We had a ball completing a challenge together. And, even with the tough wind – we all made great time – most of us even hit personal records.

Favorite part? While the race was fun… after the race – spending time to get to know each other better was the highlight of the day!


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