Totally Awesome 80’s Prom!

February 28, 2017

It’s not typical for a corporation – especially an insurance company – to do such a lighthearted theme during the holidays, but we are lucky to work with a wonderful client for the third year in a row who encourages their employees each year to let loose, dress the part, and have a blast!

Lighting and entertainment played a dynamic role in this party. The multi-colored uplighting changed hues throughout the evening, and the pattern wash on the floor, disco balls on the ceiling and slot glass projection finished the look. To truly embrace this totally awesome decade, we had memorabilia as centerpieces on the tables like roller skates and mini arcade games!

Last year the group enjoyed a 20’s art deco theme party and around half of the guests dressed the part showing up in flapper costumes donned in feathers. This year however, the group took their party prep to another level and fully embodied the theme by embracing their inner mullets and permed hair styles!!!

With approximately 80% of guests showing up in 80’s prom attire, this event was totally rad, and at the end of the of the evening, a prom King & Queen were named complete with sashes and crowns.

This group really loves to dance- they filled the dance floor from the beginning of the night until the end! With these dancing machines, a surprise performance by professional break dancers was the perfect fit! After entertaining the crowd with their smooth moves, the break dancers taught some slick dance styles to the guests and got everyone involved.

These clients year after year are wonderful to work with; we appreciate their partnership, lasting relationship and letting us run loose with these fun and entertaining themes!


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