‘Type A’ Team-Working

November 17, 2016

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team. -Phil Jackson

From sophisticated private parties to large scale fundraising galas to rocking concerts – at Corinthian Events we do it all! Event planners are notorious for having strong ‘type A’ personalities and can often enjoy taking care of business solo, but, we realize that utilizing our vast combined knowledge makes our events better, smoother, and more innovative!

Jill, Partner at Corinthian Events, shares her experience from an event at the Reading Room at the Boston Public Library, an unconventional space due to its long and narrow layout. “The challenge of the room shape makes audio visual very difficult.”

Working with Mary, Partner at Corinthian Events, they could pool their knowledge. Mary focused on the graphic & event design allowing Jill to focus on entertainment management and brainstorming the AV.

The solution? Banners of each honoree hung onto the walls of the room – up lit during their speeches, allowing for all guests a great view of them – no matter where they were sitting.

Jill’s favorite memory looking back, “When guests were leaving I heard someone say, “that was a great video” – there was no video!”

Sometimes it isn’t about the complexity but the timeline that throws a curve-ball.

Erin shares her experience working on a recent luncheon and symposium, “We received the initial inquiry for this event 2 weeks prior to the event… we were in a mad dash to get everything done. We definitely relied on each other to bring the event together in such a short timeline.”

Catering, rentals, meeting management – it all came together seamlessly. The client followed up with a very complimentary email – that makes it all worthwhile!

This large-scale event at the Moakley Courthouse had all hands on deck. Approximately 900 guests were moved from the Westin Waterfront Hotel to the venue, via coaches.

Matt appreciated the communication between all the team members to help setup the event – tables, chairs, linens, centerpieces, and votives. He especially leaned on Micha expressing, “She is a spectacular communicator and her patience and focus was the team’s foundation for the whole event.”

“My proudest moment is when the client and my coworkers tell me that I am doing a good job… That’s what I strive for.” – Andrew

Andrew is one of our newest account managers- he joined the team just in time to assist in a 3-day summit with concert and activities. “There were a lot of challenges with the event because there was so many moving parts.” He goes on to say that he enjoyed working with Courtney, a partner at Corinthian Events, because she is so detailed and remembers everything immediately!

“Doing an event in SOWA at the Power Station was always on my ‘bucket list,” admitted Courtney (partner at Corinthian Events).

This event challenged our creative, ingenuity and speed… from concept to creation – planning happened in under 4 weeks! 350 people for a fun reception dinner, food trucks, bowling, games, art activity, dancing – a lot of details!

Megan lead the way on this event – “owning it” as she always does!

Every event poses its own set of demands… having a strong team, that knows how to rely on one another, enables a challenging event to be broken down into more manageable pieces and executed properly – with every detail taken into consideration.


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